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My First Job Interview Sucked :(

I took my high heels out of their box, made sure they were clean and looked for the matching purse, one big enough to carry a folder with my dreams and hopes written inside of it.

Yes, my resume, the one I edited yesterday at midnight.

I took a last look at it, checking the grammar, spelling, typos… All good.

I viewed one of the videos from LinkedIn about the job interview, rehearsed the answers about challenges, weaknesses, my long working gap, my volunteering experience, and my Harvard Extension School badges, I used them as my shield.

I believe it was the longest 20 minutes drive, I parked close enough to avoid sweating under this Houston’s weather. I reviewed my resume again, and I prayed.

The lobby was colder than expected, and there was a little line of six or seven ladies waiting to be checked in, to my surprise we were all going for a job interview to the same place, we were applying for the same position. I didn’t expect that either, in the old day recruiters avoided candidates to see each other, I guess it is all about supply and demand.

I was clearly the oldest of them all, and that made me more nervous, my turn arrived, and my recruiter said she was “impressed” with my credentials and was “curious” after reading my writing samples. I politely smiled and asked why curious, and what was she looking for. I explained that there were no guidelines on the topic; thus, I wrote what I thought was an unbiased essay.

Exactly, you wrote it as an essay, not an article, but I loved it.”

The recruiter kept asking about the gap: how do I keep myself updated, professionally, not academically? My volunteering hours, of course, blogging, tutoring kids, what else?

She wrote down every word I said, underlined some sections of my resume, and finally handed me her business card thanking me for driving all the way.

The recruiter made it very clear that I should receive an email IF they decided I passed to the next round for an interview with the manager.

I took the card, thanked her, and faked a smile.

Walking by the front desk on my way out, I noticed the line of ladies checking in, at least eight more were heading the same way.

Needless to say, my first job interview sucked 🙁

As I said, just sharing my adventures as a Back 2 Work Mom, thanks for stopping by, let me pick up my confidence with some coffee, and I should be posting all the good stuff to make it real later in the night 🙂

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