Self-Care is crucial for job Searching

The process of returning to work, figure out how to make money, or earning an income includes the vital task of self-care.

This weekend I have to drive my kids everywhere: SAT testing, volunteering, Dungeons & Dragons meetings, volunteering at the animal shelter, and church -more like dragging to this one!-

But I got this, I already have the audiobook on the SUV playlist for the commute, a textbook I need to study for my finals while I wait on the lobby outside the SAT Testing, and the TED Talk I will finally watch while I wait for my daughter’s shift to end.

I learn how to declutter my mind and shift my energy, and I have taught it to my kids, family, students, and many friends.

Use this technique to ease your mind whenever you feel overwhelmed; I call it shifting since it ‘swings’ your energy.

  1. First, you say the word SHIFT out loud. By taking it outside of your mind, it becomes an action that drives you to do something.
  2. Second, you breathe in slowly and exhale through your mouth, releasing the energy that was “clogged” inside you.
  3. Third, pick an activity, task, or chore you can finish in less than 5 minutes and focus on it.

Now continue your day trying to go through all your activities with ease. If you get dragged again to the drama, stop and go back to step one.

My self-care kit includes Audiobooks, Books, TED Talks, and coffee!

Need extra help?

I’ll be right there for you, helping you get rid of unwanted baggage, getting that idea to business, mentoring you throughout the process, and helping you reach your target audience and get clients!

Send me an email if you need extra help!

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