A Job or a Home Business? That is the Question!

After a beautiful weekend filled with love, laughs, and successes (my kid’s robotics team is heading for Nationals! Woohoo!), it was inevitable to have Monday’s blues. I mean, who wants to wake up and rush to traffic? Not me, believe me.

I love my morning routine: drop-off kids, volunteering, library, class, work (yes, I do take writing this blog VERY seriously), groceries, walk the dogs, meal prep, and pick up kids!!

But I also love what I used to do at work: strategy, planning, meeting, writing, analysis, presentations, meet interesting people, traveling!!

How to reconcile both worlds?

As I said before, I’m relaunching my career, crafting my way back now that recruiters made very clear that my eleven-year gap doesn’t look that good on my resume despite the academic background. The feedback on LinkedIn also pointed out the message I need to convey: Mom? Working Mom? Re-launcher? Full-time? Part-time? At home? Office time? 9 to 5? Extended hours?

Job v Home Business

Everyone knows the sweet benefits of having a job: pay-check, medical benefits, 401 retirement fund, maybe dental plans, and a career path. In other words, security and stability. However, the downside of a 9 to 5 office schedule is the long commute, missing kid’s conferences, shows, or meet-ups, not mentioning the uncomfortable eye-rolling every time we request a schedule change because of a doctor’s appointment or school emergency. You have some weeks off and standard vacations, sometimes flexible schedules that can help to manage a balanced life. Also, if you are laid off, landing a job is complicated, but your active network can potentially help you to get back on your feet.

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Home Business, on the other hand, has bittersweet moments, the main one is a steady paycheck. No matter how much we work, and how good the business is going, the stress is there, home-based businesses depend on development leads and state of the art customer service to have good sales and increase personal income. No safety net here 🙁

Allow me to elaborate on this.

Yes, a home business takes away commuting, lets you taste personal freedom on schedule, and no dress code (hello yoga pants!). It gives you tax advantages because you can deduct lots of things from your household expenses. You save on lunch money, remember I’m a foodie so having a good lunch means a lot to me. Reduction of overhead costs, lets you test different business ideas, and of course, for moms (and dads too) gives you time with your family.  Work from home allows you to pick up the kids from school, or waiting for them at the bus stop, or be at home when they return. Also, if someone is sick, it’s easier to leave your home’s desk than one in someone else’s office (no eye-rolling). It’s less stressful to care for sick kiddos when you manage your own schedule.

But it takes hard work to achieve a comfortable spot for any home-based business, you need personal drive, discipline, time-management skills. A business development approach that will translate on referrals (sales/customer service) to succeed.

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Job or Home Business? That’s the Question!

You know that I’m active in the job search process, polishing my skills and competencies, preparing the return to work, setting stepping stones, and experiencing ups and downs.

I have also sketched different plans for a home business approach because of my eleven years gap, starting my own home-based enterprise means I can create my own income-producing opportunities.

This past weekend made me realize how much I enjoy spending time with my kids, carpooling with a laptop at hand to write, study and make calls while waiting for the judges to deliver the trophy to the winning team. I met with some potential volunteers later in the evening, Sunday morning I caught up with other moms and schedule some meetups.

I want to be a Mom Boss again. I used to run my own business many years ago, with lots of hats: director, marketing professional (we didn’t have social media then), strategist, business development manager, and even clean up crew!

I know I still have three job interviews scheduled before winter break and I also have volunteering shifts in the Red Cross, with United Against Human Trafficking and my church.

But I made my decision!

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I am relaunching my career as a social entrepreneur, empowering other moms to use their skills, providing courses in English and Spanish on online platforms.

I’m deeply involved in social causes. In the past, I’ve coordinated fundraising programs, collaborated as an instructor for non-English speakers, and had the honor to be selected as a mentor for young women professionals.

I can do this!

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