7 Part Time Jobs that you can do from Home.

If within your many goals for 2020 are going back to work, but still enjoy the sweet life of being a stay-at-home mom, a part-time job could be what you are looking for. So, you might want to keep reading.

In my past posts, I’ve been talking about finding your compass and figure out the best way of returning to work on your own terms. Maybe you only want to invest some hours to make money for a particular project, perhaps you have enough time to commute for a part-time job, or you want to be a work at home mom.

It doesn’t matter what you choose as long as it fits your family schedule, your personal goals, and is on your own terms.

In case you want to have a part-time job with a paycheck, but still enjoying your schedule, I would look into these work from home jobs that are perfect for stay-at-home moms. You should consider getting your resume professionally re-written to boost your chances to land that job.

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7 Part-Time Jobs that you can do from Home.

Transcriber. Perfect for speedy typists with excellent grammar and punctuation. YOu make your own schedule by viewing a database of audio files to transcribe and choosing ones that work best for you. Look on job searching websites like LinkedIn and directly at the career portals of companies like Lionbridge or TranscribeMe. The average salary varies from $15 to $22/hour

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Graphic Designer. A great way to return to work for someone who has knowledge of any design software. You can pick up assignments, and start building a portfolio, look for websites like Remote and Flexjobs to start finding clients.

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Proofreader. Nerdy grammar enthusiasts only! You need to be able to spot inconsistencies, review if arguments make sense, understand the voice of the essay, the message, word choice, and, of course, the spelling. You can start with friends and family, then when you fill comfortable pointing out inconsistencies, look into LinkedIn, Flexjobs, and editorial magazines. The average salary is $32/hour.

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Editor. Much like a proofreader on steroids, you need to be a creative writer with proven experience, maybe one or two self-published books, and internet access at all times. Manufacturers and brands are looking for original content to boost their products. Deadlines are vital in this industry, so you just have to be careful to plan accordingly.  The average salary is $36/hour, and you can also get paid by the article $50 – $500. The top freelance communities for writers and editors are Writers Work, (more like a membership to get access to work) and IHirePublishing, you can also review career portals of your favorite magazines and submission guidelines.

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Bookkeeper. If you aced HomeEd, Maths, Economics, and you are incredibly organized, pay attention to details, then this is a good option. Bookkeeping records financial transactions, track expenses, record statements, and invoices. It is an excellent choice for stay-at-home moms because, after the first meeting, everything else is done via the phone or webcam. You can pitch your services at school meetings, local businesses that know you, or you can browse LinkedIn, or Flexjobs. The average salary is $18/hour.

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Virtual Assistant. For me, a VA job is more like a step to become your own boss, where you can start with a company, get experience, and when you feel confident enough to fly solo, boom! The average pay is $18/hour, but as a business owner you can pump up the rate to $30 -which is precisely what the company you started with actually charges-

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Tutor. Former teachers and graduate students with a GPA of 3.3 and above. Meet at the library, coffee shop to help students thrive, the average rate for tutoring varies from $18 to $25 depending on the level, usually High School tutoring goes all the way to $25. Start with your community newspaper, and get your ad on, talk to your friends, family, and neighbours. You can also try LinkedIn, and tutoring services career portals.

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Do you know any other part-time jobs?  Share them in the comments, and thanks for stopping by!

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