The Mommy Blog is a Real Job.

About 3.9 million moms in the United States identify as bloggers and can earn around $500 – $50,000 in a month.  The “Mommy blog” is expected to grow to a $10 billion industry by 2020 (according to Mediakix).

The Mommy Blog is about branding.

Today, the Mommy Blog is all about creating a multi-platform, profitable brand, we spend a lot of time and dedication when it comes to growing our platform and monetizing it: Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest.

Moreover, companies and manufacturers are on the lookout for Mommy Bloggers with hundreds of followers, or niche markets for sponsored content, brand advocacy, and direct marketing, the trend is shifting toward the social media influencer style.

So, if you are creative, organized, and self-starter, then a mommy blog might be your thing.

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Mommy Blogger

Selfstart “women who have at least one child in their household and have read or contributed to a blog in the past 30 days.” –The Washington Post

Mommyblogs is a term reserved for blogs authored by women that are writing about family and motherhood, a subset of blogs about family-and-homemaking.  –Wikipedia

In the first place, being a mommy blogger is a real job for moms. Low entry cost, growth potential, you can work around your schedule or your family’s schedule and still earn an income.

True that you can monetize your blog for passive income and earn around 3K a month after the initial setup (a lot of hard work). However, if you want to hit the 50K goal, then you have to focus on other channels and not only passive income.

Of course, High-Income Blogging is all about content creation, eBooks, ads, online classes, workshops, conferences, coaching services for other aspiring mompreneurs, affiliate content.

Again, the key is to write about something you feel passionate about or what interests you AND has a HELPFUL content.

Look, you may have some knowledge you want to share, but if other moms or families do not find it helpful, you won’t convert the article into likes or views.

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Authenticity is key.

If you want to make a living on sponsored content and affiliate marketing, you must be authentic and honest about it, everything is out in the open.

Sharing your experiences on parenting, family, the ups and downs of being a mom, and linking it to specific products. Equally important to mention that you can’t sponsor something if you haven’t tried it, and that’s what makes this “job” difficult, you need to “hand-pick” the content.

Again, your blog must show authentic storytelling if you want to build a loyal group of followers that, in the end, will purchase what you are blogging about.

Passive Income

Sponsored content and affiliate marketing are not for everyone. However, there are a lot of mommy blogs that make a first 5k per month with advertising, landing pages, and high-traffic articles (trends).

The choice is yours, you need to feel comfortable.

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