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Of course, after Thanksgiving dinner, I needed time to gather my thoughts, so I opened my computer and checked all the messages and conversations I neglected for about five days. To my surprise, there was some feedback.

I forgot a post from LinkedIn I wrote after my failed interview, my stomach twitched because there were comments, and I didn’t know the kind of words I was going to read. To my surprise, half a dozen of LinkedIn users made some time to read the small paragraph where I open my heart to strangers and asked for an opinion.

Overall, the feedback read:

  • I need to practice interview skills -even more-
  • My profile only has big jobs -yes, I was important to someone other than my kids-
  • Don’t consider applying to similar roles because of the eleven-year gap -but I’m studying at Harvard!-
  • They get me, they relate to my frustration -because it is so real-

In the end, the advice from the strangers (which I asked for help) was:

“Consulting would be a smoother re-entry because clients won’t care about the gap, they just focus on what you offer and results.”

I’m not good with feedback, especially after such a bad experience with the interview. Still, this time, it feels different because it comes from a stranger that took the time to read my post, check out my Linkedin profile, and then wrote the comment that motivated me to take out my compass again.

And with a white canvas on my lap, I decided to find my compass once more, all over again.

Here I am, almost midnight for cyber Monday to end re-evaluating my No’s, my expectations, weaknesses, and strengths to set the first stepping stone toward my goal.

Thanks for stopping by. Just sharing the good stuff to make it real.

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