What is Success?

After making my 2020 resolutions, I literally started to draft some goals for 2020 besides three, which they were pretty okay, but not specific enough to start planning how to make them real. It is hard to achieve goals and make money out of a business idea or be effective in a job search if there is not effective planning. After lots of brainstorming, all my goals led to a single word: Success.

Success is Complex.

Success, a complex concept that has endless possibilities and meanings, one of them is the flow of abundance that comes in with peace and with grace. I cannot separate fulfilment, joy, and success. For me, it comes together or it doesn’t come at all, I might be wrong for some people, but for me, working on that balance is what success is all about.

Success is not about making money, it is about generating opportunities and planning how to enjoy the rewards of an amazing life.

Success is fulfilment and joy on the things we do.

Money is a reward that comes from solving people’s problems. It is the energy flowing after setting goals and meeting expectations. The fulfilment you reach in your life after generating an income that will bring abundant opportunities.

Negative thoughts and shrinking mentality reject the idea of success. Thinking on how to create more money without a plan, doesn’t serve a balanced life, obsessing on how much you can make takes away the joy of generating possibilities. It doesn’t matter how much money you are able to make if you don’t enjoy the process or the goal.

Four ideas.

Everyone has a different perspective on what success is or it is not.

  • The flow of abundance comes in with peace and with grace.
  • Fulfilment and joy on the things we do.
  • It is about generating an income that will bring abundant opportunities.
  • Learning to reinvent ourselves.

You can measure how successful you are on the impact you have on others, achieving goals and the rewards you get after exceeding expectations.


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