A Guide for Rediscovering Skills and Achieving Goals.

There are times when everything appears to spin too fast, and you can’t seem to put your feet on the ground. You doubt your instincts and question the skills you have to make it in life.  When you stop enjoying the things you used to, and you don’t make sense of what is happening around you You get lost and forget who you are.

It happened to me, I spent endless nights frustrated and angry trying to figure out my problems, doubting my skills and a way of returning to work. But there is a real hardship for mothers trying to return to work. Motherhood brings in additional challenges to women on work or related business-related topics: financial constraints, work-family balance, lack of mentorship, and social capital.

I am a mother in her late 40s, with an eleven-year gap in the resume, but with a solid academic background and an impressive resume. However, it was not enough to achieve a goal I sketched a decade ago. My life has changed dramatically since my family and I arrived in Texas. I had successes, hardships, and failures. I believe that hardships and failure teach us essential lessons in life.

After long hours of soul searching, researching and collecting data I finally found my compass and rediscovered skills and passions buried inside my heart. Identifying opportunities to help others struggling like me.

Finding your Compass

If you are a mom who:

  • Commits to your development,
  • assume responsibility for acquiring or improving skills and knowledge.
  • You are open and honest about your goals, expectations, challenges, and concerns.
  • You accept constructive criticism/feedback. Actively listen and ask questions.

Then this guide will help you to rediscover your skills and find opportunities to achieve your goals.

Finding your compass Kindle Cover


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