5 Must-Have Books for Mompreneurs

Today was a good morning brainstorming with two of my mentees, going back and forth on ideas, startups, and blueprints. Thinking about future decisions, reviewing processes, and making some work-family balance goals. I discussed the importance of having a library with books for mompreneurs covering marketing, time management, inspiration, online business, family balance, and skill development.

You can do a quick search on Google or Amazon and get over 100 results, or you can start with these books for mompreneurs that I have read so far, and are bestsellers. Full disclosure here, I order my books from Amazon, and yes, I am an Amazon Associate, I do earn from qualifying purchases.

Having said that, here are my favorite books for mompreneurs:

5 Must-Haves

The One Thing Every Mompreneur Needs to Know, By Madeleine Davis & Jon Cook. This is a supercharged textbook! 24 chapters of strategy, step-by-step processes, and ideas. Madeleine and Jon invited other authors to address topics we rarely think about like “Divorce-proof your Business,” “Eradicate Impostor Syndrome,” or “Gracefully Support your Aging Parents.” Pure gold here. But it is like a textbook, maybe that is why it has only four excellent ratings.

The Free Mama Project, by Lauren Golden. Listed as an international Best-Seller under categories no related to mompreneur, but business consulting, bookkeeping, women writers, web market, small business,  and home-based business. Lauren has a natural storytelling style, funny, and caught my attention since the beginning: “When I was an eight-year-old, I sold stolen beer to old men and made a fortune.” Easy to digest, and with good advice, she has specific comments on ideas, and she has her own TV channel. The reviews are mixed, 78 total, but overall, the book has a 5-star rating. I liked two reviewers that openly said the book is a lead magnet, yes, it is.

Boss Moms The Inspirational Guide for Mompreneurs by Deletra Hudson et.al. If you ever wondered what #Boss means? Deletra shares with her vision of Boss (Business Owners Seeking Success) inviting other moms into her creative process. It is an inspirational book and a learning journey for every mom who wants to know more about why “Being a Boss is (y)our Birthright.” Only 6 reviews, but they all ranked in the 5-star place.

Why Balance is B.S. by Kimberly Olson. A beautiful introduction, every mother who had the need to use a pump for breastfeeding, will relate. Moms in need of a glass of wine after a stressful day relates. Kimberly speaks bluntly and opens about how to make it to the top of online business, and shares a blueprint. Can’t put the book down, and soon enough, I’ll be joining the other 13 reviewers and giving her a 5-star!

Time Management by Sarah Korhnak. This one is an oldie but a goodie. This book helped me to keep a routine when I needed it the most. The main topic is how to be productive between carpools, afterschool, and school projects. Sarah shares excellent links from other productivity moms, and at the end of the chapter, she points out key take-aways you can write down and keep at hand next time you feel like you are about to lose control. The book has 90 reviews, 80% in the 5-star rating, Sarah’s book focuses on raising young children. Thus some moms gave her a 4-star rating because of it.

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