Declutter your Mind, Shift your Energy.

Certainly enough, you’ve heard all about the word declutter and how making space allows you to function better, be more productive, and make better decisions.  We all know that a cluttered mind is restless and unfocused. It tries to move in many different directions at once, and the result is that very little gets done.

Researchers estimate you have about 60,000 thoughts each day. Wow! Now multiply those thoughts for each one of your children, pets, friends, family, money, health…

It is absolutely terrifying, isn’t it? Welcome to a mom’s mind!

When you are a mom, or you have the mothering gene, your mind is like a snatch-radar noticing and gathering every single comment, reaction, eye-rolling, attitude, I mean absolutely everything.

The worst is that many of those thoughts involve thinking the same things over and over again: Repeating the same words, focusing on the negative, and worrying about things you don’t necessarily control.

You read books, make 21-day challenges, use “miracle cures” or “fast meditation” apps, and in the end, you feel that most of them were just a waste of your time, money, and your mental energy, because you feel the same.

So, how do you declutter your mind without being such a daunting task?

For some, it is actually straightforward because it requires practice and making a habit out of it. For others, like my daughter and some of my students, it needs to be a guided practice until the routine settles in, and the habit is formed.

I would love teaching you self-care techniques, and how to embrace the constant practice of liberating your mind from unnecessary baggage, so you can be able to rediscover skills that were buried, set goals and succeed in your own terms.

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The first step to learn how to declutter your mind and shift your energy starts with an effortless yet powerful technique that I personally use, have taught it to my kids, family, students, and many friends.

Use this technique to ease your mind whenever you feel overwhelmed, I call it shifting since it ‘swings’ your energy.

  1. First, you say the word SHIFT out loud. By taking it outside of your mind, it becomes an action that drives you to do something.
  2. Second, you breathe in slowly and exhale through your mouth, releasing the energy that was “clogged” inside you.
  3. Third, pick an activity, task, or chore you can finish in less than 5 minutes and focus on it.

Now continue your day trying to go through all your activities with ease. If you get dragged again to the drama, stop and go back to step one.

Remember when your mom or a teacher used nurturing, loving words to calm you down when you were overwhelmed? Remember how they asked you to breathe and, oh no! Even count to ten? Do you remember the clay, colors, puzzle, or that toy they give you for you to keep your mind on something else for at least 5 minutes?

Well, using the word SHIFT is precisely the same thing, you are transforming your mindset, moving away from a clogged or dark place to a peaceful one.

When you were young, your mom or a loved one, guided you to declutter your mind and shift your energy.

Shifting is rebooting the mindset allowing you to go on with your day without the drama.

Five-minute Activities for Stress Relieving

I tend to wash the dishes (even though they are clean), I play with my dogs, groom the cat, or do gardening. When I worked in an office, I used to take the stairs to the first level and then all the way up to about two times. Fortunately, it was only a five-story building.

While teaching in college, I asked my students to tell me a joke, and after five or six good laughs, we went back to the lesson.

You can always run a quick search on Google or Amazon and get over 1,000 results, but of course, you can trust me and check out some of my recommendations for stress relief activities, all of them under $20, some of them have links to Amazon, others not.

But if you are alone, or struggling with high stress, you might want to try some adult coloring books. They have plenty of themes to choose from: coffee lovers, cocktail recipes, cursing quotes, positive affirmations, religious themes, it all depends on what makes you smile.

If you are crafty, you could have a mess-free kit always at hand. My daughter was able to travel a ten-hour flight without having a panic attack with a crochet kit that I bought for her last Summer. When we finally arrived at our destination she had made an entire farm! She gave the Air France steward a cute little goat, sand he gave her a travel kit with lots of little trinkets that of course she still uses, the good thing is that I got to keep the slippers 😀

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