How to Start a Business with Less than $100

I have several online friends asking me how to start a business with less than $100, where you can actually make money and that does not require selling or writing.

That is a tough one, and although I gasped at the thought of them not wanting to write for a living -how dare they!  I realized that thankfully we are all different and diversity is what makes this world better.

I put my thinking hat on, and research on business ideas you can actually start with less than $100, and that the only thing you needed would be skills, more than three years of doing the activity and a network with the potential to grow.

You don’t need to spend money on websites (there are plenty of free ones) or a web domain to start with (but you can invest $18 as soon as you get your first paid client), you will need some money for business cards, a t-shirt with your logo, and your logo. The rest is all about you and your networking skills!


Patience is not only what you need to take care of others, but you also need empathy, creativity, and a First Aid certificate that you can get at your local community college. You can become a babysitter, eldercare companion, pet sitter. If you don’t want to take a First Aid certificate you can also be a pet or plant sitter.

Foodie and Public Relations.

This business idea is all about networking and party all the time! If you know the best cocktails, macaroons, and latest decadent cupcake recipe, then you should go for catering or event planner.

Techie designer.

You know all the shortcuts and have a good eye for design? Then jump into the super trendy business of becoming a Canva template-creator, a Pinterest assistant, and a Web designer.


I am not talking about meditation or weight loss, but about rounding up moms at drop-off and motivate them to go jogging, learn how to meal-prep for the kids and them, and of course healthy cooking classes. 

Home Improvement.

If you have good taste, you are sort of obsessed with clean and trendy displays, you should look into the professional organizer idea, interior designer, or Real Estate Stager

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A home business allows you to pick up the kids from school, or waiting for them at the bus stop, or be at home when they return. Also, if someone is sick, it’s easier to leave your home’s desk than one in someone else’s office (no eye-rolling). It’s less stressful to care for sick kiddos when you manage your own schedule.

But it takes hard work to achieve a comfortable spot for any home-based business, you need personal drive, discipline, time-management skills. And a business development approach that will translate on referrals to succeed.

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