Best Mindfulness and Journaling Books for Entrepreneurs.

Valentine’s day is almost here and even though we don’t celebrate it, it is impossible not to notice the floral, sweet and red balloon avalanche surrounding us. Not celebrating Valentine’s doesn’t mean we are bitter, on the contrary, we are grateful for our lives, and during this month we practice mindfulness and journaling more than ever to keep us at peace and in balance.

I teach my kids to use journaling to de-stress, this practice improves their mood and helps them to focus on the positive aspects of our everyday routine. However, I also practice mindfulness and journaling to expand my business practice and succeed in my own terms.

I enhance my personal compass with mindfulness and journaling books that vary from effectiveness, leadership, and greatness to creativity potential and entrepreneurship.

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Mindfulness and Journaling

My favorite by far is The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families by Stephen R. Covey. The three purposes of the book align perfectly with my way of thinking: “The key is in having a destination, a flight plan, and a compass.” Covey shares anecdotes about ordinary people as well as helpful suggestions about changing everyday behavior. Of course, you have to adapt each of the suggestions to your family.

The 8th Habit from Effectiveness to Greatness by Stephen R. Covey. move beyond effectiveness. The call of this new era in human history is for greatness; it’s for the fulfillmentpassionate execution, and significant contribution. I have the audiobook and enjoy Mr. Covey’s narration, it is like listening to a teacher sitting next to me in my daily carpooling. The book points you to little videos for learning and reflection, absolutely my thing.

How Successful People Think by John C. Maxwell, is a well-organized and down to earth book guiding you on what you need to do for a creative successful mindset. It is a must-have if you are willing to take that extra step to rediscover your skills and achieve your goals.

My other favorite is The Book of Joy: Lasting Happiness in a Changing World by H.H. Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu, both Nobel Peace Prize Laureates get together and create this amazing book as a gift for us on how to live a life with joy.

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Regarding journaling, I use a blank notebook to write down my thoughts and sketch my ideas, however, if you need writing prompts or pre-designed journaling I highly recommend Tiny Buddha’s Gratitude Journal: Questions, Prompts, and Coloring Pages for a Brighter, Happier Life, that’s the one my highschooler uses and it works for her because it has coloring pages, that she uses when she doesn’t want to immediately write about her thoughts but eases her down and later on she goes back into the journal. I personally use Aimee Chase’s pre-designed journal Present, Not Perfect: A Journal for Slowing Down, Letting Go, and Loving Who You Are to ease down my perfectionist side and accept that I don’t need to be in control of everything all the time (maybe almost).

Remember that I order my books from Amazon. Full disclosure here, yes, I am an Amazon Associate and I do earn some money from qualifying purchases.

Enjoy the books and the upcoming sweet and floral weekend.

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