Super Simple Productivity Journal to Get Things Done

In previous posts, I talked about having a journal to de-stress and personal growth, but if your primary stressor is your busy mom lifestyle juggling school, business, family, and afterschool tasks, then what you need is a productivity journal. The hallmark of success is the ability to manage time wisely, being consistent with our habits, and become more productive each day.

Managing your day is the key to getting things done, with our busy mom lifestyle, it is easy to become sidetracked by tasks that do not help you reach your goals without proper time management.

How to Make a Productivity Journal

Creating a productivity journal helps you stay focused on the priorities of that particular day and motivates you to manage time efficiently.

  1. Make a list of everything you MUST accomplish for the day, week, month to achieve your goal.
  2. You need to determine the difference between urgent and important tasks. Urgent tasks are tasks that need to be done quickly, and the essential ones are related to specific goals.
  3. List your day, week, and monthly goals, and determine which ones are important, imperative, urgent. Consider how tasks affect them and the consequences for failing to complete them.
  4. Make your to-do list according to each priority and category. Urgent topics for family, school, business, then the important ones, and so on.

Fill in your productivity journal the night before, your subconscious mind focuses on that plan while you sleep. By planning the night before, you will also start fresh and focused on the most important tasks for the day. Highlight the top three items and focus on those first.

Consistent small steps get you farther on achieving your goals than overstretching.

Life Happens

Of course, life happens, and your beautiful plan crumbled when your kid spent the entire night vomiting, and you are trapped in the pediatrician’s waiting room. But don’t panic. After you take care of the crisis situation, go back to your productivity journal, and focus on completing the tasks.

Avoid feeling overwhelmed by the things you couldn’t do because of the unplanned situation, focus on your breathing and smile for one minute to ease the stress, then follow these simple steps:

  • Select one task to do at a time.
  • Time yourself to invest no more than one hour per task.
  • Ignore everything else during that time. Use your focus mode.
  • No breaks or interruptions. Silence notifications and use alarms.
  • Give yourself a reward when the time is up. Walk and get a coffee.

Take the S.T.I.N.G. out

You don’t need to get a coffee after each task is done, of course, but please take a walk and move around, energize your spirit and stretch your limbs.

Favorite Productivity Journals

Here are my favorite business planners that will help you to take the STING away and make your day more productive.

The Business Planner Undated for Entrepreneurs! by Ifocus is by far my favorite, and is the one I actually use. After trying dozens of planners, bullet journals, and white notebooks, I finally found THE one created to get things done. The planner has a “clarity,” “project decluttering,” and a “life happens” section. I believe they got my message when I was asking the Universe for a tool to keep me focused.

The High-Performance Planner by Brendon Burchard is a hybrid. A planner and a journal with life-assessment pages, reviews, journaling prompt, habit tracker. Brendon is a High-Performance Coach, so if you are disciplined, and like structure, this planner is a good fit.

The GoGirl Planner and Organizer for Women by GoGirl, is feminine, has three bookmarks and a pen holder. What I like about this productivity journal is the habit tracker section focused on improving work-life balance and goal setting every month, it also incorporates gratitude prompts, and affirmations. Since I get distracted with so many cute and beautiful designs, this is not my kind of planner, but if you are girly and visual design is a strong motivator, this is definitely a fit.

Journaling has multiple benefits, of course, it is well known to reduce stress, keeping your mind sharp and improve your mood. Keep in mind that a productivity journal is a business tool to help you succeed.

I remind you that I am an Amazon Associate, and I do earn some money from qualifying purchases.

“Productivity is being able to do things that you were never able to do before”

Franz Kafka

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