5 Great Jobs for Empaths (That are Not in Medicine)

What kind of jobs can you perform when you often tune in to other people’s feelings? If crowds make you uncomfortable, and after a long conversation, you experience exhaustion and fatigue? If you often “sense” the feelings of people around you, you describe yourself as a sensitive person, and you feel better after a quiet walk through the park, under the rain, or taking a long scenic drive. You should look for jobs for empaths.

If you are an empath, like my daughter, you might want to consider careers involving compassion and hopefulness without professional burnout. Although your extreme empathy could push you toward personal support, humanitarian, social worker, nurse, or any other caring industry, being an empath makes you vulnerable to an excess of personal involvement.

My daughter wanted to follow my footsteps in the humanitarian sector, but her empath skills make it a bit difficult to handle large crowds or fast-response situations. Therefore, I suggested her to look for jobs for empaths focusing on her soft skills contrary to solely focus on grades or what she is good at because, in the end, you must love what you do. Your job should make you feel fulfilled and happy, not burnout.

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Tips for choosing jobs for sensible people.

  • Have realistic expectations on what you want to do, follow your passion.
  • Look for jobs focusing on your soft skills: listening, negotiation, persuasion, communication (verbal and non-verbal), flexibility, problem-solving, motivation, cooperation, friendliness, patience, humor, collaboration, customer services, and of course, emotional intelligence.
  • Research that the organization gives you the time you need to reset. Look for flextime schedules or remote positions that allow you to skip commuting or request deliverables by the project.
  • If you choose to commute to the organization, look that the workplace is comfortable, that you can personalize it and boost your emotional expression, creativity, and productivity.
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5 Great Jobs for Empaths

You can find all these great jobs on websites like LinkedIn and Monster.

If you are looking to enter the humanitarian sector, you better start uploading your resume on Idealist and DevEx.

You can also look directly at government agencies, nonprofits you support, and even on businesses who are fair trade certified.

  1. Fair Trade Advocate. These are jobs focused on Sustainable supply chain management and fair trade. A Fair Trade Advocate promotes social responsibility and helps businesses forming true partnerships with farmers and local producers, for sustainable livelihoods. This job has an approximately hourly rate of $35 to $65
  2. Nonprofit social media manager. This job focuses on engagement with the community they serve and producing creative and compelling content to secure partnerships. The hourly rate varies from $24 to $41
  3. Education. At a school or online,  there is a high demand for teachers, especially for online classes. The hourly rate varies from $18 to $35 depending on the level, if you are looking to be a teacher like my daughter, you need a Bachelor’s degree and be state-certified.
  4. Social media graphic designer has an average rate of approximately $14.21 per hour. You work by projects, it requires an intense sense of responsibility and scheduling, but it offers excellent flexibility regarding work hours, creativity, and spontaneity for customer service.
  5. Care Giver. Unlike nursing, which requires at least a bachelor’s degree, caregivers usually do not need to have post-secondary education. However, they do require licenses or certifications, depending on the state you live in. With an hourly rate from $17 to $45, the caregiving industry has a wide variety of jobs, from babies to elderly care, and they also include pet and plant sitters.
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Pace yourself, have realistic expectations and nurture your passion, there is nothing better than making a living enjoying what you do while caring for your family. And remember that self-care is part of the job search.


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