Adapt your Brand in Times of Crisis.

I hope you have a lovely week despite the circumstances, I know it’s hard to keep motivation high with such difficult times because everyone is working from home or struggling to find a job. For those in social media marketing and blogging industry, we are losing money and losing traffic and conversions because e-commerce shifted dramatically. Still, I encourage you to continue your plans and adapt your brand because when this crisis is over, and we are back doing business, you need to be ready.

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3 Critical Steps to take now

  • Double your efforts, post twice daily, and, if possible, open a second blog or niche in finance, food, wellness, parenting, media, or marketing.
  • Use keywords offering solutions to the crisis, do not use keywords to “bait” readers into the site. Keywords with a positive connotation will attract more visitors than panic posts.
  • Seek new opportunities to serve others. The more you give now, the more you’ll receive in the future, and don’t be afraid to stretch out of your comfort zone.

For all of us, online businesses, bloggers, virtual assistants, social, digital marketing designers, content writers, travel agents surviving the coronavirus outbreak, and the possible recession on the horizon success depends on how fast you can adapt your brand to the current situation and prepare for the post-pandemic economy.

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Branding: Clarity, Consistency, Constancy.

You are in control of your personal brand if you choose to be. Perform thorough keyword research on the industries that interest you and that are a pivot of your current industry, that way, you don’t lose your network/followers/readers.

Remember that perception is reality, so it is essential that you carefully cultivate your image. When you take the time to define yourself and present this definition to the public, you will reap the benefits that come with taking control of your personal branding.

When establishing your brand, you must remember the three Cs: Clarity, Consistency, and Constancy. Whether you are creating a personal or business brand, you will find the three Cs extremely useful.


If there is any ambiguity in your branding, you will confuse people and cause disappointment. There should be no ambiguity or vague qualities in your brand. The clarity in your brand will allow people to understand what you do and do not represent. Additionally, people will be more likely to embrace your new brand if they fully understand what your brand is.


Consistency requires that you present yourself in the same light each time you communicate your new brand. If you say that you are going to do something, you need to do it. Every exposure to your brand needs to be the same as the last. Online encounters, face-to-face interactions, and every other way that you connect with other people must reflect the brand that you have set forward.

It is important to note that you need to choose wisely before you make it public. Frequent rebranding can make you appear indecisive.


Committing to your brand requires you to take action every day. Back up your words with your efforts at every opportunity, and do not deviate from your core message. Choose your niche and be authentic about it.

Remember that no matter your privacy settings, nothing online is private.

  • Exercise restraint when using social media.
  • What you say on your personal accounts needs to positively reflect your professional brand.
  • If you must vent your frustrations, do so in a private setting.

Next steps

After you adapt your brand, you should start seeking related affiliate programs to monetize your website, talk to your content writers, and see if they can follow you into the new niche or not.

Remember, having a good team that provides excellent content for the readers will make the difference for attracting the right marketing partners into your platform, thus revenue.

You have time to think about it.

Stay safe, stay indoors, practice social distancing, meditate and wash your hands.

With Love,


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