How to Keep Good Vibes Staying Home this Weekend.

I just sliced my foot with the door stopper trying to take one of my dogs for a walk, needless to say, I’m not happy. Anyway, here are some of the things I’m planning to do to keep good vibes while staying at home this weekend, quality family time, doing chores, and taking care of my injured foot.

Indoor Fun

Table Tennis. Use your breakfast table, mark the middle with a pair of leggings, or whatever you have, find a small ball, and start playing, make sure you don’t break a window. Of course, you can buy a portable table tennis set that goes on top of the breakfast table, I got mine two years ago. Also, we avoid Texas weather staying home, (allergies and heat not the best for asthma) so we invested in full-size table tennis (foldable) in our family room for indoor fun.

table tennis

Bottle Bowling. By now, you must have a good number of empty juice and water bottles or cans, pile them in bowling formation and use a rolled sock to know them out.

Basket Ball. This one is for kids helping to sort out socks and put things in order. After you finish doing the laundry, ask kids to roll the socks, while they do that set baskets or pull out the drawers for each kid, prepare a “launching” site and let the fun begin! Everyone throws their own socks, and the winner gets to choose the dinner menu. If you have dogs is double the fun catching them after they steal your socks!

Safari Time. Get your gear ready and enjoy a virtual field trip in search of gorillas in the Congo, provides live cams, and this weekend is hosting the first Gorillapalooza! The best times to tune in live are 5:30 am -7 am PST (7:30 am – 9 am CST, and 8:30 am – 10 CST)


Indoor Camping. Anyplace inside your home will make a great campsite, throw some pillows, make popcorn, order pizza, and prepare for a one of a kind marathon night with your kids. If you have young ones check out for 22 kid-friendly, not so scary stories. For middle-schoolers, check out this UK based site with some good spooky stories. With teenagers, it is a bit harder but not impossible, you will need lots of theatre and drama to pull it off, but here is are some creepy campsite stories.

Dance Competition Parents vs. Kids! Challenge your kids to an all or nothing dance-off using Just Dance Nintendo Wii. There is nothing like laughing your heart out, making a fool of yourself mimicking dance moves you never imagined to do.

I hope you like some of my ideas, stay safe, have fun, and wash your hands!

With Love,


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