Why You Need a Social Media Funnel Now

Every small business owner is making hard choices to keep their business going and survive until the storm passes. Regardless of the industry, you need to have a social media funnel in place, it will help to keep your mind busy, connect with customers, and let them know that you are thinking of them.

  • What can you offer them?
  • What do they need?
  • How can you be of service?

Remember that your customers are also struggling, coronavirus is everywhere. Find out what they need, and see if you can adapt your business model to satisfy their needs.

What can you do?

  • Strategize your options, take out old “good idea” sticky notes, ask for advice, use your notes, write down priorities and plans.
  • Share articles, posts, and stories to support your customers during this complicated time.
  • Include morning boosters, noon jokes, and evening relaxing posts, after all, it was a hard day at home.
  • Be authentic, skip the downloads, and use your own photos to make a connection. We are all in this together (I bet you read it singing), let your customers know that you are struggling too, but no matter what, they can count on you and your services/products.

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Social Media Funnels

Hootsuite has the best resources on how to build a social media funnel that sells; please read the entire article because it is pure gold. If you follow it, rest assured you’ll succeed in keeping your brand alive and even making some sales (it all depends on your service/product/market).

If you have a home-based business or a small business, I would advise that you focus solely on organic strategies, save your money. An organic approach, of course, demand more time and thinking, but hey, we have plenty of time in our hands right now, let’s invest it wisely in our business, family, and self-care.

  • Awareness. Facebook live, YouTube channel, Facebook/LinkedIn Groups, Free Resources, Infographics.
  • Evaluation. Testimonials, reviews, fabulous images of your products, video demos.
  • Acquisition. Convert traffic into email sign-up so you can send offers later, contests with purchase incentives, coupons, and limited offers.
  • Engagement. You finally have a customer, keep the conversation rolling hosting regular chats and live sessions, answering social media comments.
  • Advocacy. Create hashtags for customers to showcase your service/product (like iPhone or Domino’s Pizza) and show their love.


Social Media Funnel
Adapted from Hootsuite


Reach out to your customers, your suppliers, and your landlord, effective communication is crucial to keep your business going and survive this crisis.

Take care, be safe, stay at home, and wash your hands.

With love,


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