5 Smart Ways to Increase Your Sales.

If you are juggling between homeschooling, cooking, cleaning, keeping everyone safe, and on top of it, making decisions regarding finances, payroll, marketing, delivery, looking how to increase your sales, or day to day operations, welcome to the mompreneur world!

The work from home economy is transforming the way we are doing business, educating our kids, and the livelihood of many families. Of course, mompreneurs are great at keeping kids at bay while multitasking, but lately, it is harder than usual because we don’t have that structured schedule. Small businesses are struggling with sales, and I’ve seen more working moms focusing on getting Facebook Likes and having Instagram followers for their companies, which is perfect for building the brand, but they don’t translate into sales.

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With so much competition and less money circulating on the economy, how do you increase your sales?

  1. Track consumer changes and adapt.
  2. Prospecting.
  3. Grow your brand presence.
  4. Compete against large retailers.
  5. Understand what your customer wants and offer them the best deal.

The working-from-home economy will push the competition to the skies, not only for mommy bloggers but for every home-based business. Now more than ever, you need to know how to increase your sales fast, use your competitive advantage, and get support from your Small Business Administration to keep your business afloat (and your sanity).

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Use your competitive advantage

1) Track consumer changes and adapt.

Notice the changes in consumer behavior; that is, what is trending now that you can’t get out of your house, and you need to figure out a way of not driving yourself insane.

With nowhere to go and kids around us all the time, cooking at home opens opportunities for new businesses, and the same goes for exercising at home. Keeping kids fed and tired prevent cranky monsters on the loose unless you have teenagers, then you can only save yourself with the latest shows on Netflix, Hulu, or YouTube.

Keep your options open, think about how these changes can benefit you. Start by reaching out to your current customers, and avoid investing time and money on ads, keep your advertising budget to the minimum.

Change of behaviors due to COVID
Source: LEK Consulting, Civis consumer survey (March 2020)

2) Prospecting

Make prospecting a habit, it is not enough to think of it only when sales are down and boom! Prospecting must become a top priority on our list. Schedule your prospecting activities as part of your business ritual, not your morning ritual, because with all this mayhem, sure enough, you don’t even know where you put the coffee mug.

Prospecting is an integral part of the sales process. Prospecting creates a pipeline of potential customers, positions your brand, and helps you focus on the right leads.

Of course, there are numerous prospecting methods available. From cold calling, asking for referrals, trade shows, however, in the working-from-home economy, the only prospecting you’ll be doing it’s on social media.

It is crucial the understanding of social media tools to generate leads. Moreover, we have to choose our methods appropriately.

Tip: Do your prospecting at the same time your kids are doing the activity packets, and explain that “everyone is doing homework right now.”

Prospecting on social media is not only about posting, sharing, tweeting, and pinning. It is identifying potential customers and engaging them through content, stories, and replying to comments.

prospecting is a habit

3) Grow your brand presence

Before the coronavirus crisis, 44% of online shopping started with a quick “search the web,” now it is nearly 88% of users browse the internet looking for better deals.

Social media usage is up approximately 39% now that everyone is at home. Facebook itself said that usage was “skyrocketing,” as much as 50%.

Invest in your blogs and vlogs because they are the most effective marketing tools for two reasons: low money investment, and a high impact if your content shows your expertise and engages your audience.

Webinars, Stories, and “Live” sessions are excellent tools that you can use to demonstrate your expertise, showcase your product, and “close that deal!” They have a 40% attendance rate, and 50% of registrants usually watch the recording 24 hours lately!

Your focus right now should be using the 3-2-1 rule for social media posting, to reach the  52% population that is browsing the internet right now because of either boredom or simply because they can’t find the merchandise with the regular retailers.

  • 3 posts about daily chores/activities
  • 2 posts showcasing a product/service (no call to action)
  • 1 post with a call to action just after dinner! Between 5 pm and 7 pm
Best Time of the Day to Post in Social Media (1)
3-2-1- Rule of Social Media Posting

4) Compete against large retailers

Amazon announced that it would start prioritizing deliveries, showing that the e-commerce giant struggles to keep up with customer demand. Still, it is not the only one battling a bottleneck, Costco, Target, and even supermarkets can’t keep up with the demand.

Right now, your best competitive advantage is that you are small!

Offer fast delivery and exceptional service using hashtags like  #shoplocal #supportsmallbusiness #wedeliverfast #nocontact

Make weekly contests in your social media account for a give-away for all your customers that use #shareyourlove with a pic of your product/service.

Foto credit: Pexels
Offer fast delivery and exceptional service.

5) Understand what your customer wants

You need to get to know your individual leads. Gather information and pay attention to what they have to say.

Follow up communication is the perfect opportunity to get to know them better.

  • Use social networking to understand what your customer wants.
  • Put yourself into your client’s shoes. They have as much anxiety as you. Focus on solving a problem, avoid throwing all kinds of sales and offers, remember that almost 10 million people had filed for unemployment insurance over the past two weeks.
  • Don’t be pushy; if your customer can’t buy your product/service at this moment, keep the dialogue going and nurture that relationship.

Try to create a loyal customer base with real relationships and make them feel connected to your business.

Schedule your posts to reach more customers.  TrackMaven analyzed 17.5 million social media posts by 17,737 brands. They came up with the best day of the week and time of day across all those posts.

Best Time of the Day to Post in Social Media
Schedule your posts accordingly.

I encourage you to start a quick plan to adapt your brand offering new products, fast delivery, exceptional service and use the hashtags  #shoplocal #supportsmallbusiness #wedeliverfast #nocontact to keep your business competitive.

Don’t forget to offer excellent content for your customers, followers, and readers.

Stay safe,  practice social distancing, binge watch, and wash your hands.

With Love,


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