Want a Home Office More Peaceful?

Every single article for a productive home office starts with scheduling chores and errands, automating as many of the domestic duties as possible, and outsourcing as much as you can so your home office runs smoothly. Of course, the advice was before the pandemic. Today, finding ways to make your home office more peaceful is more critical than ever because, as the post-pandemic economy evolves, remote jobs will be on the rise, and working from home will be our new reality.

Bring in peace to your home office.

Bring in the P.E.A.C.E.!

Pace yourself and set a time to “clock out.” With some essential planning and taking into account the family dynamic, you’ll be able to incorporate homeschooling, meal prep, house chores, online groceries, and work successfully.

Embrace the fact that you can move freely through your house as you see fit and use it as an advantage. Part of making your home office more peaceful is knowing how to shift from one activity to another without stressing your mind,

Adapt your activities to your house environment. Start in your little corner office for things that demand zero interruptions -like phone calls or meetings- move your laptop to a study/family room while you review documents. Work on your presentations while your kids do their homework at the dining table and wrap up your day back at your home office.

Commit to maintaining each area accessible and work-ready. Clear out furniture from nearby outlets and move the comfortable chairs to these “stations.” You really don’t want to end up with back pain.

Expect interruptions. Kids will enter your sacred space, asking for something. The delivery person will ring despite the note you typed on the specifications making your dogs bark rampantly.

You might find interesting my post on how to declutter your mind and shift your energy.

declutter your mind

Simple tips and tricks.

Working parents have an additional burden now that universities and school systems are sending students home to conduct virtual learning, no more childcare or school hours to be productive, besides pets are so happy to have the entire family at home they can’t resist showing their love 24/7

Get as much sleep as you can, look for high-quality recipes, stay hydrated, and incorporate stress management practices into your working routine.

Schedule the important calls and meetings during “school hours.”

Use lunch breaks for dinner preparation and motivate your kids to “cook” their own lunch. This way, you catch up on what is happening at school and see how homework will impact your afternoon activities. (11th-grade calculus is testing my patience for example).

photo of person cutting bell peppers
Meal preparation with the family; it is an excellent opportunity to listen to how their day is going.

Make a playlist that includes music with natural sounds if you can’t meditate for more than 10 minutes, like me, this way, you can ease your stress levels without even paying attention.

Include an activity that uplifts your spirit, or that takes your mind off from the pandemic crisis. Gardening or home improvement projects, indoor sports, or dance-off competitions. Include elements that invite peace and happiness into your home office.

I enjoy sewing, and right now, I’m making face-masks to donate to the V.A. hospital here in Houston, and now that the Met Opera has some plays on-demand free for a limited time, I’m taking advantage of it while I do my sewing.

incense and white candles on a stool
Your home office is your new sacred space, include elements to bring in peace.

Stay safe,  practice social distancing, binge-watch, and wash your hands.

With Love,


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