Career Transition for Moms

We know that returning to work after a break can be a daunting prospect, whether it is a short maternity leave or a longer career break. Some moms go back to a similar role to the one they held before. But many others launch a new career, either by retraining or becoming their own boss (like me!). Join me, and four other moms on May 12th at 7pm for a Webinar and hear about Career Transition for Moms.

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When you have the opportunity to meet and learn from role models who look like you, that is, a female entrepreneur.

The likelihood for you to thrive increases simply because of the priceless resources she shares with you, like introductions to the right business partner, pointing out flaws in your model, feedback on your strategy, and why not? Maybe investing in your company.


Whether you are going back to work, start up a business, or remain a SAHM, always consider:

  • Assessing options and updating job skills.
  • Networking and preparing for interviews.
  • Getting the family on board.


Hope to see you tomorrow!


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