From Idea to Business Step 3: Describe Your Vision

After long hours of homeschooling, juggling house chores, and brainstorming ideas at the kitchen table try making a pause and think about what do you want your business to look like and how you imagine your life would be like when you get there. Form a mental picture of your business and write it down, that is your vision.

Sure enough, you’ll be asking how to do that. To start with, let go of negative thoughts and welcome all that life brings in. Set your mind on success and think about the values you want your business to live by, what do you want your business to reflect? Imagine how success looks like in your business, specify your long- and short-term goals as well as any milestones or benchmarks you will use to measure your progress.

Write Down Your Business Vision

Your vision statement focuses on the particular purpose you want to achieve with your business and the unique approach you will take to accomplish it. Your business vision will guide your operations, manufacture, policies and overall strategy. The business vision describes where you wish to go and how you plan to do it.

The vision statement reflects your values and the purpose of the business, it is a powerful tool for personal motivation and success.

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Your business vision should indicate how important is your idea for you (motivation), why are you opening the business (mission) and where you see yourself in a couple of years (goals).

  • Create a mental image of how important it is for you to open a business, reflect on the activities that will make you happy, fulfilled and proud of yourself. These reasons will fuel your soul when you run out of energy at midnight finishing the last order for shipping.
  • Write a brief explanation of your business’ reason for being, and what makes your business differently. Think about why someone should buy from you or hire you and not your competition.
  • Imagine your business one year from now, what does it look like? What about five years from now? Would your business be competing or positioned in the market? Describe each goal as specific as you can, creating a path with stepping-stones where you can set foot and go forward. For example, if success implicates global sales or a stand-alone garage to move your home-based business out of the kitchen, or showcasing your product in every single spa in the state you live in.
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The Power of Positivity

The words that you use have a more significant impact on your life that you may realize. When writing down your business vision avoid uncertainty in your language, use decisive action words in the present indicates that decision has been made. Making this simple shift in vocabulary propels you to action an achieve your goals.

Writing a business vision that resonates with your personal values provides the foundation to success, the rest is hard work and love.


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