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Why You Need to Know About the Mommy Bias (Motherhood Penalty)

The Mommy Bias, a.k.a the motherhood penalty is a term used to summarize the systematic disadvantages that moms face at work: unequal pay, different benefits, lack of promotions, and all these because mothers are perceived as less reliable and less committed to work extra long hours because we need have to take care of the kids.

The Mommy Bias is real

A study by Bright Horizons, (early education centers)  found that 41 percent of employed Americans perceive working moms to be less devoted to their work. More than one-third judge them for needing a flexible schedule, forcing mothers to “find a solution” or “figure out how to meet goals” while raising her kids.

Companies want full commitment and extended hours from their employees, with complete separation to the family environment the second they step into the office. The motherhood penalty goes beyond the boss, peer pressure is so high that when it comes to announcing pregnancies, the number of women worried about telling coworkers and bosses has nearly doubled in five years — from 12 percent in 2014 to 21 percent in the 2019 study.

Still, women make up almost 47 percent of the workforce, and yet they’re responsible for providing 70 percent of the child care during normal work hours, according to a new survey of roughly 1,000 women by HeyMama and InHerSight.

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Motherhood Penalty & Labor Rights

I’m not an attorney, but I want to share Daphne Delvaux, Esq., advise on this motherhood labor rights. BTW, Delvaux is also a working mom and counseling Dris Wallace, the mom who was fired because her kids were too loud on Zoom calls. 

From her Instagram post I took five key points every mom should know about:

  1. Gender discrimination. “Motherhood is a ‘gender subgroup’ and employers may not discriminate against mothers.”
  2. Retaliation. “The termination was in retaliation for reporting discrimination.”
  3. Failure to prevent discrimination. “The company should have corrected and remedied discrimination.”
  4. Negligent supervision. “The company should have trained the manager.”
  5. Wrongful termination.
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5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Mom

But for everyone out there who still believe that motherhood is an impediment to productivity let me give you five good reasons why you should reconsider:

  1. Moms are maximizers, we do more with less and usually with a very tight budget.
  2. Moms are productive, we don’t have time to waste around the coffee bar, we get things done the right way that fast way.
  3. Moms are go-getters, we cut the fluff and go through the important items and get it done.
  4. Moms are respectful of everyone’s time, we don’t procrastinate because we have limited time to get all done.
  5. Moms lead by the example, we don’t preach, we act.

You Have More Options: Entrepreneurship

I believe that entrepreneurship and motherhood are a match made in heaven! Both are unpredictable, messy, exhausting, and amazing! One day they give you the chills, other some scares, and thrills, but above all bliss.

We live in a time where there are more business ideas for moms than ever. You can do the heavy work while your baby is napping or sleeping and the fun stuff involving the entire family creating microcontent on Instagram or Facebook to reach other mothers.

You don’t need a lot of money to open a business, you can start with less than $500, Customers are becoming more comfortable purchasing items and doing business online.

Think about online or digital products or services, start small, and remember that you don’t need to be the perfect business mom. You can start small with your home-based business, and you can potentially grow it into a full-time business.

You don’t even need office space anymore! Most of us are working from home, making samples on top of the kitchen counter, and teleworking from the family room! Your kids can crash your Zoom meeting like the kid rearranging unicorns during a live interview television.

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