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How to Open Your eBay Store in 7 Easy Steps

There is nothing better than having the best of both worlds: Entrepreneurship and motherhood! If you are looking for ideas on how to start a home-based business for moms, you come to the right place. If you are a stay-at-home mom with the passion, drive, and wit, you can start your eBay store with practically no money. Sounds good, right?

It is easy to start a business from home if you are a mom. Unfortunately, the fear of not being suitable as a business owner or the mommy guilt stops a lot of moms from success. But I can help you with that, just send me an email! Being a mom is a full-time job, but we live in a time where there are more business ideas for moms than ever. You can do the heavy work while your baby is napping or sleeping and the fun stuff involving the entire family creating microcontent on Instagram or Facebook to reach other mothers.

I believe that entrepreneurship and motherhood are a match made in heaven! Both are unpredictable, messy, exhausting, and fabulous! One day they give you the chills, other some scares, and thrills, but above all bliss.

Back to the topic… If you make handmade products or crafts from home, you have a keen eye for online deals and sales, or if you were a direct sales representative and still have inventory, you can start your new e-commerce business at eBay.

Why an eBay Store?

Because eBay is accessible to anyone who has a product to sell, a computer or a smartphone, an internet connection and wants to make money from home.

Of course, those are not the only reasons to open a store on eBay, but when you want to become an entrepreneur without risks or a considerable investment, e-commerce retail is your way to go, and there is no one like eBay to start with.

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3 Reasons to open an eBay store

Global Market. Incredible enough, eBay has over 180 million active buyers and about 2 billion daily transactions. Yet, more than half of eBay’s annual sales revenue comes from its 60 million buyers outside of the United States, setting it apart from Amazon in global reach.

Possibilities. With low listing fees and 50 free item bonuses, eBay boosts any small seller compared to Etsy and Amazon, which have less friendly listing fees. Furthermore, eBay does not have as many restrictions in a place like Amazon.

It is easy. Listing is way quicker and less complicated on eBay, and payment goes directly into your PayPal account.

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7 Steps to Start your eBay Store

Every successful business, despite the size or format, starts with the right foundation.

1 Write down your business plan.

What are you planning to sell? Fashionable jewelry, cleaning supplies, makeup, or protein shakes? The product is not as important as the problem you are solving to your eBay customer: price and customer service.

2 Create your ideal client

Your products need a home! Research demographics to target your ideal client and find out who is eager to get your products. (BTW it will help with advertising too)

  • age
  • gender
  • location
  • hobbies
  • marital status
  • homeownership
  • music genre
  • education

3 Describe your operations

Research for products trending on eBay, vendors, suppliers, and set your price at a competitive level.

Buy a postage scale and calculate shipping costs. It is imperative to enter the weight of an item into the listing so that postage can be correctly calculated, remember that eBay ships via the USPS.

Keep track of all expenses from day 1 and use bookkeeping software. When you purchase packing tape, storage containers, shipping labels, inventory, or any supplies.

4 Open an eBay FREE account and test your e-commerce wit

At some point, we all had opened an eBay account, so go ahead and resurrect it. An older eBay account actually helps sellers because you won’t look brand new. Learn the ins and outs of eBay for a few months, make some profit out of the dead inventory you listed and choose if this is the right business for you.

After you tested your e-commerce wit open your business account, just keep in mind you have to be a legally registered business for this and pay sales taxes.

5 Research on what to sell.

First, download the eBay mobile app, which will allow you to do the necessary research to determine an item’s value on the eBay marketplace

6 Write high ranking titles and List your products

Everyone who sells online knows that keywords rule search ranking, but they also need to read naturally to what the user is looking for. Include amazing images with high-ranking keyword descriptions.

Of course, this is a CRUCIAL PART of your success as an eBay shop owner, you NEED the best description, categories, and keywords so it sells FAST and at a BETTER price.  I would recommend using  Sellhound, an app that is “built by sellers for sellers” it helps you to list faster, and without going bananas thinking about what kind of keywords, the description, and that you don’t break eBay listing policies. 

Sellhound offers the first 7 listings for free, after you finish your free listings, you can purchase a pack of listings or a subscription for monthly listings. Sellhound only charges to create the initial listing. Just pay attention here because if you re-submit an item to create the listing again, they will charge it as a new listing. You also have an amazing community giving you tips, tricks, and ultimate hacks to boost your sales.

Help buyers find your products with great photos, eBay lets you post up to 12 for free. SEO title and thorough description of your item increase your search ranking, and of course, your sales.

7 Start Selling!

You can start with an auction-style or a fixed-price listing, eBay customer support will guide you step-by-step to sell your items more quickly.

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