17 Freelancing Projects You Can Easily Start as a Mom

For many of us, becoming an entrepreneur enables us to spend valuable time with our kids, enjoying afterschool programs and robotic competitions while earning an income and remain professionally active working from home. Of course, not everyone wants to open a business, but everyone wants to have control over how and when to work, that is the marvelous thing about working on freelancing projects.

Of course, freelancing is not always honey over oats, it has bittersweet moments, the main one is a steady paycheck. No matter how much we work, and how good we are doing our tasks and projects, freelancing depends on developing new projects. There is no safety net.

What I like about freelancing projects is the flexibility of choosing my clients, additionally, working late at night when everyone is silent is a plus. However, not everyone is cut the same way.

What is true, though, is that in 2109, 57 million freelancers, 60% said they were freelancing by choice, and now with the pandemic, freelancing membership websites like Fiverr, Upwork, Contra, Toptal, and Contena have seen an increase in memberships.

You can kickstart a career while caring for your loved ones, I won’t say it is the easiest thing to do, but if you are handling homeschooling, endless Zoom playdates, and sharing your sacred space with your spouse for working meetings, well you are going right on track!


Tips to get you started

First of all, you have to be transparent with your family about your intentions to be a freelancer. Set the number of hours that you will need to work on your freelancing projects to make them happen plus a vast selection of quick dinner recipes (the slow cooker and the rice cooker will become your BFFs) to feed impatient hungry kiddos. Certainly, laundry can wait.

Tip #1

  • Have realistic expectations on what you want to do, follow a passion that will make you earn some income.
  • Make a list of your soft skills: listening, negotiation, persuasion, communication (verbal and non-verbal), flexibility, problem-solving, motivation, cooperation, friendliness, patience, humor, collaboration, customer services, and of course, emotional intelligence.
  • Research organizations offering projects based on your professional experience or new passion.

Tip #2

  • Prioritize projects that have precise deadlines and guidelines contrary to open projects that have room for iterations or lots of editing.
  • Focus on time-sensitive projects and offer realistic submission dates while giving you at least a 24 hours margin to cover emergencies because, with kids and pets, you never know.
  • Use to-do lists and Shop Productivity Tools for Freelancers at Tispr“>productivity tools for freelancers to stay organized so you can focus on what’s important.

Tip #3

Tip #4

  • Set a schedule to enjoy the perks of working from home plus a free day to unwind from projects and everyday stress, remember that self-care has to be part of your routine as a mom if you want to raise healthy kids.

17 Freelancing Projects You Can Easily Start.

  1. Transcriber. Perfect for speedy typists with excellent grammar and punctuation. YOu make your own schedule by viewing a database of audio files to transcribe and choosing ones that work best for you.
  2. Graphic Designer. A great way to return to work for someone who has knowledge of any design software.
  3. Web Designer. Working as a website designer might sound impossible if you don’t know how to code, but this isn’t true. It’s never been easier to build websites, and all businesses need them. Many companies are willing to pay someone who knows how to use a drag and drop creator since this is a cheaper service that offers similar results. You can learn how to become a web design professional with online classes from ed2go, you can learn more about it here
  4. Proofreader. Nerdy grammar enthusiasts only! You need to be able to spot inconsistencies, review if arguments make sense, understand the voice of the essay, the message, word choice, and, of course, the spelling.
  5. Editor. Much like a proofreader on steroids, you need to be a creative writer with proven experience, maybe one or two self-published books, and internet access at all times.
  6. Tax Preparation and Bookkeeping  If you aced HomeEd, Maths, Economics, and you are incredibly organized, pay attention to details, then this is a good option. Bookkeeping records financial transactions, track expenses, record statements, and invoices. You can become a certified bookkeeper with ed2go online certification programs
  7. Virtual Assistant. For me, a VA job is more like a step to become your own boss, where you can start with a company, get experience, and when you feel confident enough to fly solo, boom!
  8. Homeschool tutor. Start with your community newspaper, and get your ad on, talk to your friends, family, and neighbors. You can have Google meetups or Facebook rooms to have online classes and accommodate different ages and schedules, you can take online classes on how to use the internet in the classroom easily.  and what makes a creative classroom nowadays.
  9. Blogging. Being a mommy blogger is a real job for moms. Low entry cost, growth potential, you can work around your schedule or your family’s schedule and still earn an income. If you are creative, organized, and self-starter, then blogging is your next business. You can always pump up your blogging with ed2go online courses on communication techniques or effective web content
  10. Translator. Translate audio files or written documents from one language into another for remote clients.
  11. Seamstress and Alterations. Help other moms fit in that beautiful gown, Clients drop off clothing for alteration, and you give them a pickup date.
  12. Event Planner. Try starting small and creating connections with local vendors and reception spaces. Most of the work can be done remotely and just checkup vendors and areas before the day of the event.
  13. IT Help Desk Representative. Be a friendly voice to diagnose technical problems and walk clients through solutions.
  14. Interior Designer. Use your Instagram featuring your portfolio with contact information so that clients can reach out to you directly. If you want to learn more about online classes on how to become an interior designer or you already have the design gene but want to upgrade your game try becoming a certified residential interior designer.
  15. Networker. Yes, it is a thing, you’ll be introducing people and act as a moderator before a possible meeting, it could be for business opportunities or relationships.
  16. Search Engine Evaluator. This is a project if you like browsing the internet, have an eye to spot new features on websites, and has a passion for keeping up with new trends.
  17. Social Media Designer. Design templates for Instagram and Facebook posts or Pinterest pins.

Where can you find Freelancing Projects?

There are multiple freelance membership sites like Fiverr, Upwork, Contra, Toptal, and Contena, where you can upload your portfolio.

However, I would advise on looking for freelancing projects on job search platforms, too, especially if you are studying the possibility of a career change. 

  • Flexjobs I love this platform, I remember I got some translation projects from this platform.
  • Indeed   Excellent search engine. However, the resume builder is a pain in the neck, slow and not user-friendly.
  • LinkedIn. It has a double benefit for freelancers, you can search for projects as well as connecting with future employers.
  • Monster. I get the best info for job descriptions and salaries, their newsletter for advice is of great value, and it has more services than just job search.

Resume Writing Services

Whether freelancing or looking for a job, standing out from the competition is getting harder by the second, and passing that darn ATS is a nightmare. You can spend hours editing your resume as I did, or use Monster Resume Writing Services – Premier Package“>Monster Resume Writing Services offers a Premium Package that includes your Resume + Cover Letter + LinkedIn Makeover Bundle. Your resume is professionally written by a Certified Resume Writer, cover letter for one target job title, and a LinkedIn makeover.

If you are in a hurry, no problem, they have expedited delivery of the first draft of all three (resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn makeover) in 2 business days. Or you can go for the Monster Resume Writing Services – Basic Package“>Basic plan to kickstart your resume. Delivered in 5 business days. All the plans come with a 60-day 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not happy, they’ll rewrite it for free.

Don’t forget to Network.

Among your priorities as a freelancer, should be networking with like-minded freelancer moms, use professional memberships to connect with other professionals, and select your groups to share experiences and learn from one another.

These are two networking sites where I am an active member of the community:

  • The Fairygodboss is the “largest career community for women, providing free resources and a safe, inclusive environment for highly motivated women to connect with other career-minded individuals and help one another to succeed.” Great place to find jobs and online networking.
  • The Ellevate Network is a community of professional women committed to helping each other succeed. Groups are called “squads” that meet once a week to grow professionally and personally.


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