Best Tips on Video Creation

I’m not a videographer or filmmaker; however, I spent the last week learning about video creation since it is the growing trend for social media marketing. No more static images (sadly) to attract visitors to your website or Instagram, nope, now we have to catch the eye of the beholder with fifteen-second videos.

Video Creation Best Practices

  • Light
  • Text on videos on a safe zone, avoid the upper or lower corners, stick to the middle.
  • Edit, edit, and did I say edit? Well, yes… Edit
  • Avoid filters. Apparently, the new customers want “real life” and “natural” people to connect with. That means I really need to learn how to do my make up.
  • Ditch the intro. No more “Hi I’m Gaby”, new audiences don’t care about your name but what you have to offer, so give it to them directly: “Learn 3 tricks to boost your IG”
  • Do a series of your content to keep your audience engaged. For instance, if I want to boost the elevator pitch, I’d have to prepare 5 videos, one for each point: What is the elevator pitch, product, benefits, value proposition, and wrap up.
  • Prepare covers for your videos with captions

Video creation is about quality over quantity, prepare your videos and spend a good time editing them until you get the first 15 seconds for catching your audience on Instagram and the rest of the video jumps directly to your IGTV. However if you are posting on TikTok remember that you have up to 60 seconds to captivate your audience, after that everything is a blur.

Think about video creation and if you are creating mini-blogs, spend more time on the content and the lighting than on your makeup and the dog asking for belly rub next to you.

Cross post each video on all your platforms and don’t forget to include the social links to boost your audience!

Focus on your Audience

Create an ideal client profile to help you focus on selecting or designing products and services to suit the needs of your target customers.

Make a spreadsheet including as much information as possible for every product and service that you offer

  • Background: job, career path, family
  • Demographics: gender, age, income, location
  • Identifiers: communication preferences
  • Goals: strive in life, have a side business, parenting
  • Challenges: problems and obstacles that stop your client to reach goals

After doing all that, you might ask, “why on earth did I spend so many hours filling that spreadsheet, right?” Well, for instance, to know what channels to use and to place ads that convert.

Video creation is your next challenge to conquer. Think about it as a mini-blog: Introduction, main topic and wrap-up

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