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Every now and then I get the same question regarding Instagram posts: How often should I post and what should I put on it?

The short answer is to post consistently and always thinking about your audience. Posting should be once a day for you not to look spammy and use stories and reels to increase engagement with fun and creative polls, videos, and animated effects.

Research before Posting

Research for 30 hashtags and keywords related to your industry and trending:

  • 10 generic and trending
  • 10 industry-specific
  • 10 for products only

Make animated posts or videos about your products, industry, and topics your audience needs to know. I like having templates and themes that relate to your company’s logo, for branding, but any design works.

Write blurbs o 150 words for each post with engaging content, and include the 30 hashtags accordingly, either at the end of the blurb or on the first comment. It is easier to do this on a desktop with a social media scheduler like Later, or Hootsuite. Both have free versions.

Posts and stories should comply with the 3 Es: Engaging, Exciting, Educating 

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Do NOT post randomly, check your insights, and post when your audience is more active.

Use a social media calendar to guide your calendar and pump up engagement you can download one from Sprouts Social or any other website.

Follow trends that are related to your industry or matter to your audience or could be a good post for engagement. (national cookie day 12/04 could be a great post to ask “what is your favorite grandma’s cookie recipe? or a Story with a poll asking “homemade or store-made?”)

Instagram is About Networking

Follow and engage with other profiles and accounts, that can contribute to your business. 

Do make smart comments not only emojis.

Don’t follow people that will not contribute to your business or your audience (you don’t want a make-up model from outside the US for example)

Be consistent.

Follow these best practices and soon enough you’ll be posting like a superstar!

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