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Use Social Media to Launch your Career

Hello everyone, I know it has been a while since my last post, but between helping small business owners, motherhood, and starting new ventures I’ve dedicated my few free hours to sleep, you know, self-care is important. Anyway, if you are a coach, trainer, virtual assistant, or any type of service and you want to go solo as a freelancer or entrepreneur, here is my Roadmap from Idea to Business using Social Media.

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Why a Roadmap?

As with anything in life, if you want to be successful, you need to plan ahead, set your destination, and figure out the steps that will get you there. A roadmap is like a mini business plan, that will give you the steps to take you to your final destination, however, you do need to write down a formal business plan, you can download one here.

Step 1 Share your Expertise

Don’t fall for the “You need a Website and a Logo.” Please, don’t waste your savings on a website at this point, what you need is a platform to showcase who you are, your offer, and above all, you need to test the market before jumping into the LLC or DBA mindset.

Write down your story, that will help you find out your target audience. What are the fears, frustrations, and problems you want to solve, help, or guide? Once you have your target audience clear, write down the characteristics of your ideal client (general demographics, and your niche). Focus on your story: What is your story? Walk your audience from the pain to the light at the end of the tunnel, share your Eureka moment, and why should they listen to you.

With your target audience and ideal client in mind, select the best platform for you, Facebook? Instagram? YouTube? TikTok? Pinterest? Podcast? LinkedIn?

Now that you have your story down and your target audience you can proceed to step 2.

Step 2 Social Media Branding

Use your platform to convey your message, look for community groups (Facebook or LinkedIn) that meet your target audience, and start engaging with smart comments, give good advice. Schedule educational and highly engaging posts and videos warming up the potential client toward your offer. 

Invest in speaker courses, certifications on your niche and share “sparks of wisdom” from those courses to your audience, and keep them engaged.

Do live videos or a masterclass once a month to increase your presence.

Branding is an ongoing project, you never stop, still, you should only invest 5% of your marketing budget (sweat capital and ads) unless you are a blogger or content creator because then you need way more!

Once you grow your social media audience to at least 1,000 followers, then you can proceed to step 3

Step 3 Media and Press Release

Invest in photographs, a professionally designed logo, and your website! Create an amazing media and press release kit that should contain your elevator pitch (step 1), your experience / social proof (step 2), and how to contact you (contact info, social media profile, and of course, website).

Choose a website builder like Wix, SquareSpace, (.org is free but you need to pay for hosting and do some coding) and that has good integration with an email marketing app like Mail Chimp, Constant Contact, ConvertKit, etc.

Use the information in your media kit and upload your information on the website, I recommend a white background, and no more than two pages: An impressive landing page with all your media kit information, the other one for your FREE resources (remember the live videos and masterclasses? well, you just have to upload them, no extra work) with a downloadable option via email.

Link your social media profiles to your website.

Make a big announcement on social media and e-mail, using ALL your contacts (friends, family, professional, and literally, everyone in your roll-o-desk and old phonebook) send an email/SMS letting them know of your journey from idea to business, inviting them to visit your website, and provide feedback. 

Practice your Pitch

You are all set to launch your career using social media, practice your pitch until it comes naturally, effortless. So next time someone asks what do you do for a living, you’ll rock!

Going forward

Once you are done working on those three steps, the real work begins with marketing and sales, because you can’t put “likes” in your bank account.

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