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Instagram Content for Marketing

Between Apple’s privacy settings and the forthcoming changes on Google your feed will suffer what I call a “downsizing”, but not everything is lost. In the end, it is about your value proposition and the quality of your product/service that matters. Focus on your Instagram content and you’ll see a good boost on your audience, true believers, and followers that will turn in qualified leads.

Plan your Instagram content and you will also have better marketing strategy, you’ll pay less per click, because you have a solid follower list, and the look a like audience actually reflects your ideal client. So, focus on your content and design because not every post converts the same!

The Selfie

A simple (and authentic) glimpse of your life allows your audience to learn more about who you are and what on earth you do behind the extra hours preparing, training manufacturing what you offer, or simply enjoying a well-deserved cup of coffee. Using selfies as part of your Instagram content strategy will increase your engagement rate and boost your feed. Beware, this is not intended to cheat the Instagram algorithm (they are way smarter than us), but to encourage your brand to take care of your followers by being authentic.

person holding android smartphone
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The Infographic

It takes lots of planning and creativity to make a good infographic (that’s why sometimes you hire a VA or a graphic designer to use Canva Infographics Maker Tool for you), needs to be on point, to solve a problem offering free advice, and a call to action to convert. The goal is for your audience to share and save, in that order, this way your audience expands.

Why is this part important? Well, when you boost a post you’ll have a broader audience, which consequently the lookalike audience will bring better leads.


This is what every social media marketer wants: user-generated content! Tags, re-shares, and mentions are literally the golden cauldron at the end of the rainbow. Testimonials and product reviews boost your qualified leads by at least 15% organically! Yes, no ads involved, just a good old referral process.

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The Hybrid: The Photo-Bait

The famous carousel post or video with selfies or amazing images you know for a fact that converts (check your insights) and two or three slides with content you want your potential customer to know, learn, or get excited about. The goal of this type of post is to grow your followers and warm up your audience for your marketing campaign.

As you can see, not every post is the same, Instagram Content is important.

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