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I’m on Instagram as @content_withapurpose.

If you enjoy traveling, lifestyle and love good content on social media marketing, then let’s get social and hang out with me!

I’m on Instagram as espresstini, where you will find quotes, inspiration, and lots of funky ideas on how to enjoy the entrepreneurial lifestyle after 40, then stay tuned because age is only a number!

What is espresstini all about?

Literally, my favorite drink, an espresso martini or espresstini. The business part is what I love to do the most: content with a purpose.

I write about social media marketing (a lot), entrepreneurship, lifestyle, and traveling.

Espresstini is about the journey of enjoying life to its fullest as a lifestyle entrepreneur.

Content with purpose

I’m a researcher, and I like sharing reviews, templates, and strategies to help other entrepreneurs.

What’s more, I mainly discuss topics related to women rocking midlife, but regarding digital marketing, my advice applies to every single small business. My purpose is to help others.

Full disclosure here, I work with brands, and companies looking to build authentic relationships with their audience. However, when I do a review on a product or service is because I’m a user or I tried it first-hand, and yes, I do get a commission.

My purpose is to share with you an honest and authentic piece of information so you can decide if you would like it before you invest in it.

About social media marketing. I own a boutique digital marketing agency, and we believe in the power of social media as a catalyst of social change for good. In short, we are a small, yet powerful team who understands the intricacies of growing a purpose-driven business, because we are one too.

Believe or not, I’m an introvert

Hard to believe, right? Well, it is something that I’m working on and it is part of my midlife journey as an entrepreneur. Why don’t you hang out and let’s get social?!

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