Responsive Search Ads (yeah, more changes)

If you are a business using tons of lead funnels and ads, let me tell you there’s a new kid on the block you really want to invite and play with! Keep reading and learn about Google Responsive Search Ads, the default Google ad type this Summer.

Responsive Search Ads identify the best combination of headlines and descriptions delivering the right ad to the right person. In fact, we’ve seen advertisers that add responsive search ads in their ad groups achieve up to 10% more clicks and conversions.

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How does RSAs work?

  • The creative process is the same: content, copy, and keyword search. The difference would be on the effectiveness of the headline-description combination.
  • Use Ad strength, focusing on the effectiveness rate and specific action or item(s) you want the audience to react.
  • Customize the ads using location insertion, which could be a physical place, area of interest, or your customer’s location.
  • Let your audience know about upcoming events and create a sense of urgency (countdown) for them to take action.
  • Trust Smart Bidding, it can optimize your cost based on data from all of your campaigns, so even new campaigns without data of their own may see increased performance. 

Google will continue expanding the use of AI to understand queries, rank relevant results and get higher quality results to user’s questions.

Privacy settings and no tracking options will only get stronger, Google encourages every business owner to maximize the value of their first-party data (a.k.a. web traffic, emails, DM, SMS).

Responsive Search Ads will be the norm for digital campaigns and will likely end up taking a larger share of the advertisement market, especially now that Facebook is reluctant to comply with some countries’ requirements.

If you want to know more about it I recommend reading “Grow clicks and conversions by using responsive search ads: the new default ad type for Search campaigns,”

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