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Competition to attract attention and traffic to our website is up the roof, with new ventures showing up every other day, you need to be on top of the game and ace the consideration process to close that sale. But no one likes a pushy salesperson, or an opt-in that follows you around the store, interrupting your experience asking a million questions, or handing coupons you didn’t want. How to avoid the dreading browse back button? Well, pay attention to these top sales secrets that you can use for your online business.

Must warn you, this is a long read, so go and grab a coffee, glass of rose or whatever quenches your thirst.

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1. Assertiveness

There is a fine line between being assertive and being aggressive. Being pushy and overly aggressive can not only offend customers but also scare away prospective customers. Make sure to have non-interruptive opt-ins, meaning, allow the user to actually land on your website and figure out what your offer is.

Your landing page should express what you offer, and what is good about your service/product. So, before you begin offering coupons and flash sales, know the objections/concerns the customer may have and show your solutions on your website and social media.

Give all of the supporting data when delivering the sales pitch, include testimonials, quality and reviews. Remember to always be calm, positive, and honest about the product/service.

2. Solve a problem

Customers that need solutions to high-priority issues are willing to pay for those solutions. Seems obvious, right?

First, you must identify the customer’s problem. What are they missing or needing? Then you must analyze that problem. What causes the problem? What could solve the problem? Then you need to formulate several options to remedy the situation for the customer.

Better yet, write down a “bumper sticker” catch phrase that resonates with your theme and audience. You’ll be amazed with the results.

3. Learn to close a sale

One of the things we do not have on online businesses is the face-to-face interaction, so we can’t “read” our customer’s reactions, but we do have pop-ups and bots that can “guide” the customer throughout the buyer’s journey.

If your process is fully automated, you can use assumptive techniques, meaning, you assume the buyer is convinced, and your pop-up says something like, “Would you like it by tomorrow? Start check out now”

Another technique is the bonus. If the buyer is taking too much time or goes back and forth the same item, you can use a pop-up offering a high-value reward to purchasing.

If your process is not fully automated, and you use discovery calls, you know that at the end of the conversation, either you sign the client or you don’t.

Use your offer and proven results to sway your customer into the purchase.

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4. Be knowledgeable

Customers expect you to be knowledgeable in several areas. They expect you to know something about them, your competition and trends.

Use your blog and social media to showcase your expertise. By posting polls in social media or directly asking questions to your audience you can determine the customer’s values, needs and gather enough information to launch new products and services.

Showing your expertise is a trait every salesperson needs to possess.

5. Identify what the customer values

A nice-looking product or a bargain is no longer what attracts customers to websites, Other type of traits are essential for loyalty building and constant sales.

There are tons of articles and marketing research trying to pin down precisely what the customer loves about a brand, especially for online businesses. And generally speaking, here are the top five:

  • Ease of doing business
  • Quality of the product/service
  • Reliability of product and provider
  • Customer service
  • The overall value for the amount of money spent.

If you can understand what your customer values about you, and deliver, you’ll have a loyal fan.

6. Anticipate needs

Research and take a little extra time to send emails/DMs or make some calls before special events you know your customer will have.

Use email marketing for your seasonal offers, segmenting the campaign by client’s type recommending custom offers; that way you will be ahead of the competition and show the customer that you take an interest in them and their world.

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7. Learn how to say no

Your time is precious, especially when you are a coach, trainer, or any kind of service provider. Time wasted on leads that go nowhere is time that could be closing the deal with another customer.

Just because the person is interested in talking does not mean that there is a sale looming soon.

You must prioritize, research, or “filter” through the leads to find where your time is best spent. Break down the list from least to most profitable.

Some of the criteria you should use to do this are:

  • Is this person qualified to make the purchase?
  • Is this person interested in making a purchase?
  • Is this product appropriate for the situation?

It is better to skip a lead than a dozen. SO, choose wisely.

8. Be efficient

You need to constantly be mindful of the time you spend pursuing your leads and creating sales content.

Use automation services like MailChimp or Constant Contact for your email marketing needs.

Review your analytics and weed out the prospects that have not opened your campaigns in the last year, the probability for a conversion after 365 days of not opening your emails is almost null.

9. Focus on quality

Focus your attention on the customers that want to talk to you, engage and open your email campaigns. It makes no sense, or profit, to spend your time and energy on the leads that take you nowhere.

The more you engage with your fans, your true fans and loyal customers, the more you will be able to generate more leads because they will share your services, or products to their connections.

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10. Become an expert

Last but not least, become an expert in your product, service, or niche. Customers appreciate an expert’s opinion. Continue your education, learn the trends, be a sponge for information and share your knowledge with your base offering solutions to their everyday challenges.

In short, the top Sales Secrets are:

  1. Assertiveness
  2. Solve a problem
  3. Learn to close a sale
  4. Be knowledgeable
  5. Identify what the customer values
  6. Anticipate needs
  7. Learn how to say no
  8. Be efficient
  9. Focus on quality
  10. Become an expert

What do all the top sales secrets have in common? They focus on building trust with your clients because in the end, if the customer does not think that you have their best interests at heart, they will not buy from you.

I absolutely agree with these sales secrets, if you let your customers know you have empathy for them, genuine and honest, and that they can trust your product or services, you will have a true loyal, and engaged base to grow your business.

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