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Boost your Instagram with Better Posts

We are all on the lookout for new ways to pump up our engagement rate but in the end, the best booster will always be your content. But if your audience is not engaging with your content, could be because they got tired of the same “captions” everyone is using from gurus and influencers. Everyone is tired of the same routine, dance and the endless “swipe now” and “giveaway” post in their feed. What I’ve noticed is that besides your content, creative routines and unique words help with engagement and definitely boost your Instagram profile.

Focus on a topic that resonates with your audience. Boosting your engagement requires you to take action every day, and it needs to reflect the topic your audience is looking for, let them know that you have what they need, and build a reputation around it.

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Be social and build relationships, show how you exercise customer service with a positive attitude and by going the extra mile. Committing to live out your brand is the only way to make this happen, and you must commit o doing it every day.

It is okay to get inspiration from great influencers and trendsetters, but just copying the same routine is not okay, we get tired of watching the same dance every-single-time.

Stop using sales terms

If you are making a post, please, avoid the following words as much as possible, they discourage your audience to stay in your post. Remember that if you want to boost your Instagram profile you should have a balanced feed: educate, engage, excite, and yes, make good offers that invite your audience to stay not to fly away.

I made a list of my favorite ones, but the sky is the limit! Be creative and use something like these instead:

For PromotionsAvoid these WordsUse these captions instead
Sale or OfferLowest I’ve ever seen
Order NowCome and get it
DiscountScore this
CouponI can’t believe my eyes
Marked DownOh my! This one goes in the bag
For Affiliates
& Sponsored posts
In partnership with …
I love collaborating with … because
Teamed up with … clicking on the link
helps keep the page afloat
They are supporting my … habit
I get perks for spreading the love.
AdBrought to you by …
Working with …
For engagementLikeThumbs up everyone!
CommentYour thoughts?
Let me hear from you
ShareI’m going!
Spread the love!
TagKnow someone who needs/wants this?
SaveSo good it’s bookmarkable
This one is a keeper
Bookmark for later
SubscribeWho’s with me?
See you in …
Sign UpI’m in, and you?
For GiveawaysFreebieTake it home
GiveawayI want to see your happy dance
DealThis one is for you
Your wallet will love me
DeadlinesToday onlyHurry, this won’t last
Ending soonNot to alarm you, but the clock is ticking
The countdown is on!
Limited timeBefore it is too late
Words to avoid on your posts

These are my favorite captions to use in posts, not in ads! Ads also have rules and specific words to grab the attention of the potential customer (I’ll write about that in a future article), still, you need to be creative… Even on ads.

You might want to read my previous article, “Instagram Post,” where I share best practices on how to make an engaging post, and then go ahead and check out “Instagram Content for Marketing.”

If “Boost your Instagram with Better Posts” resonates with you, let me know! You can DM me on Instagram or Facebook. I’m all ears!

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