Digital Marketing for Busy Entrepreneurs

I was so frustrated with the latest changes in privacy settings, Instagram Reels, and Google Ad Search that I decided to ghost my accounts for an entire month. I returned energized and with a bold move: transforming the blog into a digital marketing magazine format.

Risky? Yes, but I did so anyway because the thought of creating unneeded bulk content for an algorithm sounded like nothing more than spinning on that hamster wheel again.

Digital Marketing Should Help Growing Your Business, Not Your Anxiety.

I noticed online businesses and small businesses changing their habits in that month, chasing vanity metrics and:

  • Spending hundreds on Ads that don’t convert.
  • Spending time making videos and not enjoying it.
  • Spending money on templates that don’t speak to their audience.
  • Not having a user-friendly website.
  • Not knowing their ideal client.
  • Not understanding the buyer’s journey

So, I’ve been thinking…

There are moments in life (personal or professional) where you need to take a step back, see the big picture and make a decision that supports what you believe in.

I think social media has the power to help entrepreneurs thrive when it is done the right way.

As an entrepreneur who values living a happier, freer, and fulfilled, I’m making a bold move and redesigning the blog into a digital marketing magazine format.

What would Espresstini look like now?

Think of it as blogging on vitamins!

A digital marketing magazine format where busy entrepreneurs can find real solutions to their daily marketing roadblocks: I’ll be sharing what to do AND how to do it.

The daily content you all follow (thank you dear reader for the love), is specially created for entrepreneurs looking for specific action guides, AND a subscribers-only newsletter for busy entrepreneurs who need extra resources.

Home-based businesses have a special place in my heart. I will keep updating home-based business ideas and prepare downloadable business plans so you can become a lifestyle entrepreneur or the next guru in your craft!

business plan schedule written on the notebook

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