Starting a Small Business While Raising a Family

Have you ever googled the term: “starting a small business while raising a family?” You get about 1,410,000,000 results! There are so many results on the internet that in the end you get more confused than motivated. Starting a new journey might be scary for some; even pivoting your current routine might feel uncomfortable.

I get you. I’ve been there.

I know how challenging it is when impostor syndrome raids your mind. The universal feeling of discomfort clouds your perspective, the thrill of invincibility quickly fades, and in its place, frustration and anxiety wander your restless nights.

Suddenly, your big idea turns into a living nightmare. You start doubting yourself because of fear of being ridiculed for wanting a business of your own. You ask yourself if, in the end, it is best to leave it alone until the “right moment” arrives.

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, and the second-best time is now.”


Thanks to the rise of the internet and technology, starting a business is easier today than it was decades ago. Now you can work from home, in your sunroom, while waiting in carpool. You can adapt your processes around the kids’ schedule and organize your day to meet your needs and grow your business at your pace.

Whether you are a still-trying-to-figure-out-life college grad, a multitasking sleep-deprived carpool mother of five, or a 50-something soon-to-be empty-nester, your success comes from being assertive, knowing your worth, clearly understanding what you want in life. You don’t need to pick a business over your family or vice versa.

Success doesn’t require perfection but harmony.

Let’s be honest; once you have a Eureka moment, it is hard to let go. It roams your mind. Secretly, you visualize infinite possibilities on how you would start, the experiences you would feel, and even savor the first glass of champagne (or margaritas) after your first victory. Then we look at all the house chores and family commitments we need to sort out during the day, and starting a small business while raising a family seems practically impossible.

But success has a way of finding you when you change your attitude -yes, I’m paraphrasing Jack Sparrow- I discovered a new way of transforming my Eureka moment into reality without feeling like an imposter, a bit$#, or a bad mom. It is about making positive decisions based on your needs, dreams, and wants.

Most importantly, I realized that becoming a successful entrepreneur is an intentional process that starts with understanding who you are, what you are passionate about, and implementing a business model that brings harmony into your life.

Long are the days of following cookie-cutter models that leave no room for personality, where success is seen as a zero-sum game between work and family, or you need to sacrifice your most precious moments in exchange for what others say success should look like.

You don’t need more chaos messing up your carpool routine or over-booked weekends.

Harmony not perfection

The beautiful part of founding a business is the freedom and creativity it entails. Yes, you need a plan showing the different steps to take, but the direction and form are up to you. That’s its beauty, knowing how the process works and adjusting it to reach your destination. You can take as many detours, stops, and harsh “U” turns as you need. It is all part of the entrepreneurial journey. Still, the critical factor is having clarity of what you want, following a process, and maximizing the chance of success with a positive attitude.

eBook now available

Aiming for Harmony, a guide to starting a small business while raising a family is the result of my personal experience as an entrepreneur and a business mentor.

This guide sets around the concept of success and how you can achieve it without turning your life upside down or feeling the need to justify your big project.

Steering wheel with sticky notes and reminders for multi-tasking mom.

This guide has five sections:

  • The first section is about your needs, dreams, and everything in between, where I guide you to identify what success means to you, your strengths, and what you are passionate about.
  • The second section concerns what it means to be an entrepreneur and the mindset and vision you need to succeed.
  • The third section focuses on the importance of having a crystal-clear plan to make it happen.
  • The fourth section is about getting your business noticed.
  • In the last area, I talk about taking your business seriously.

There is no better time to start a small business while raising a family than now.

You got this.

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