About Me

I share practical, proven strategies to pump up your online business, increase your audience and I’m rocking midlife because age is just a number, don’t you think?

I’m a globetrotter by heart, entrepreneurship is a perfect lifestyle for me! Short trips, discovering new places, food and cultures make my day. I personally work from home because I love the freedom to go in and out as I need to, enjoying my family, and scaling my business.

I’m rocking midlife mentoring soon-to-be entrepreneurs and running my own boutique social media marketing agency.

Nothing makes me happier than a shot of espresso to start my day and unwind enjoying a martini reading a good book.

Some Facts About Me

  • I’m a globetrotter by heart. Can’t think of settling down any time soon (WIFI is a must, though)
  • My house looks like a zoo with dogs, cats, geckos, and water dragons roaming around the rooms… I believe I’ll need a ranch soon.
  • Espresso and martinis are my things (now you see why espresstini, right?)
  • Persistent, can’t stop thinking about a problem until I solve it. I’m a Capricorn, maybe that’s why.
  • Love online learning.
  • I own a boutique social media marketing agency that believes in the power of social media as a catalyst of social change for good.
  • My background is in International Relations and Intelligence.
  • I’m a very active PTA mom, currently a VP for High School (wish me luck)