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What is Espresstini all About?

Think of it as blogging on vitamins! A digital magazine created for small business owners who are SEOriously into social media.

The daily content you all follow (thank you dear reader for the love), is specially created for entrepreneurs and small business owners looking for real answers to marketing or business roadblocks.

Digital Magazine Format

It is your VIP pass to my subscribers-only content in an easy-to-download digital magazine format.

No logins or passwords are required, it arrives right in your inbox!

Yes! Take the stress off your small business journey with a curated collection of digital marketing updates, hashtag research, case studies, and plugin reviews right in your inbox every month!

Home-based businesses have a special place in my heart. I will keep sharing success stories and business plans so you can become a lifestyle entrepreneur or the next guru in your craft!

Coming Soon!

Yes! I Want Content With A Purpose Delivered to My Inbox

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