Hi, I’m Gaby, I’m a mom of two. I share practical, proven strategies to live the life you want to have as a Lifestyle Entrepreneur.

I have 10+ years as an entrepreneur, studied International Relations and my house looks like a zoo.

I love everything posh, coffee and travel.

I personally work from home because I love the freedom to be my own boss, enjoying my family, and helping soon-to-be entrepreneurs and small businesses.

I help soon-to-be entrepreneurs launch and scale their businesses using social media marketing and my expertise as an analyst.

I found my purpose as a mentor. I enjoy supporting others in their path to success, providing practical, proven strategies to have a profitable business.

What I Do As a Mentor

  • I walk you through the different ideas on how your experience and dream lifestyle match with business opportunities.
  • Guide you in every step of the business plan.
  • Teach time management techniques to avoid procrastination.
  • Provide business resources for maximum success.
  • How to create a network to support and grow your new venture.

How I Help Using Digital Marketing

Everyone talks about digital marketing, and how easy is to post a video, a meme, or a post and go viral. Well, truth is, is not that simple as it appears to be.

An important part of what I do as a mentor is to guide you to navigate the social media environment, so you don’t feel like a hamster on a running wheel.

I work with you to identify the strengths, and opportunities of your digital presence, optimizing core signals and targeting fundamentals to improve conversion rates.

Connecting businesses with the right audience transform “likes” into clients.

Gaby Rendon

Social Media

There are more than 1 billion users spending hours scrolling through beautiful images, watching videos, reading the news, engaging in random conversations, or asking for recommendations. How do you plan to connect your business with them? I like to focus on organic strategies, test my posts before investing in ads, which saves me lots of money. Read More.


No scary stuff here; contrary to accounting, my type of auditing is about evaluating and optimizing a business’s social media profiles, digital presence, and strategies.

Strategy Sessions

I work closely with you to get an in-depth understanding of your vision, needs, and goals. Based on your specific needs, I’ll discuss your objectives, existing and proposed business strategies and tactics, target audiences, and much more.

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