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Do you have a dream and a vision of something believe in and want to make into a massive success? Of course, you do! You can spend hours browsing the internet looking for opportunities, business ideas, and resources, or you can prepare a chilled martini while reading this.

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Hear me out, if you are thinking of starting your own dropshipping store, take a look in what’s trending at Amazon, type some of the products that caught your attention on a keyword searching software and see the ranking for you to have a sense on what to include on your soon to be e-store.

Here is a list of the best resources for dropshipping entrepreneurs:


Fashion Marketplaces


Handmade Items Marketplaces

If you want a curated catalog with items not sold in Amazon or eBay, then you should try

Make Money From Home

Survey sites would not get you rich, but many of them offer gift cards and other perks in exchange for your opinion.

The wonderful part of surveys is that you can use your spare time and earn money from home.

How do you make money taking online surveys? Well, you have to start by making a list and checking it twice, look for how much time will you spend and the type of payment you’ll receive in exchange for your thoughts or reviews.

For instance, you can try higher-paying surveys like Opinion City. They are a survey hub, that is, they recommend other survey websites that they’re a member of, earn affiliate or referral bonuses. That is how you get access to more surveys. according to them, you can earn up to $500 per week, hardly realistic unless you spend 10 hours a day answering surveys non-stop.

Surveys will not get you rich but certainly can land a gift card or two getting you closer to whatever you need to buy. Fortunately, now you can buy groceries with Amazon gift cards.

Survey Scam Alert: Never pay money to join a research group (survey). It is the other way around!

FREE Business Trainings

LinkedIn Learning gives you resources to update skills and learn new trends, here are my top pics for small business and entrepreneurs:

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Kickstart your skills with online courses

ed2go online learning can help you get the job, the raise, or the promotion in a wide range of careers. You can advance your career with exceptional value and financial assistance options that ed2go offers.

The courses start monthly with twice-weekly lesson plans. As a mom, you need self-paced courses to provide access to all lessons immediately with up to three months to complete, no stressful deadlines while carpooling, raising a family, and starting a business.

ed2go has great certificates like Certified Residential Interior Designer, Creating WordPress Websites, or Web Design Professional.