Work From Home

Dreaming of Working From Home?

Learn how to jumpstart the next stage of your life using the skills you already have. Check out the resources I have to design the lifestyle you always wanted to live, be happier, and be fulfilled by becoming your own boss.

I researched the most profitable business opportunities that you can do from home (or anywhere) that comply with three key factors:

  • They have to be flexible, meaning that you can adjust to sudden changes (2020 ring a bell?).
  • They are easily scalable; that is, you can automate a large part of the process to grow quickly.
  • They must be efficient, meaning that they require low investment and produce significant profits.

Do you know what the best part is? You can start any of them with less of what you pay for a pair of sneakers.

I also included some resources that will help you how to start a business plan, and a comprehensive, easy-to-read guide on financial literacy specifically for women (thanks Annuity!).

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Work From Home Ideas

As you know, working from home is here to stay, and you can be part of this fantastic lifestyle too. Learn how to jumpstart the next stage of your life using the skills you already have. The best part is, you can start many of them with less of what you pay for a pair of sneakers. Read More

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Make a Business Plan

Starting a business is always nerve-wracking, especially if you don’t have experience in doing so. Having a successful business requires doing some research, and following a plan. I prepared a roadmap on how to start a business. Read More

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Financial Literacy

Managing money in the midst of life’s other priorities is no easy task. Taking the initiative to educate yourself about complex financial decisions will help you achieve your next major milestone. Every informed financial decision you make gets you closer to that goal. Read More


Need to Scale Your Business?

Everyone talks about digital marketing, and how easy is to post a video, a meme, or a post and go viral. Well, truth is, is not that simple as it appears to be.

An important part of what I do as a mentor is to guide you to navigate the social media environment, so you don’t feel like a hamster on a running wheel.

I research the best resources to share. So I can work with you to identify the strengths, and opportunities of your digital presence, optimizing core signals, and targeting fundamentals to improve conversion rates.

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Social Media Marketing

The mobile layout will undoubtedly dominate 2021. Make sure your website, emails, and newsletters templates have a responsive layout for a better mobile experience.

Social searches are evolving as a strong competitor to internet searches. By using inspiring stories connecting your brand, products, and services to day-to-day situations, and providing value to your audience you can increase your conversion rate.

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Email Marketing

If your “subscribe now” or “sign up” doesn’t make the cut anymore, it’s time to kickstart your email marketing campaign with inspiring eye-catching opt-ins that leads to that treasured email and conversions!

Useful emails provide value and build relationships, so if you want to grow your email list, upgrade your A-game with content, a clean template, and a call to action.

Best tips:

  • Be consistent: Use social media regularly, so your clients do not have to look somewhere else for the product/service.
  • Offer value: you need to offer good resources for them to click on the link. (masterclass, useful information, free download, etc.)
  • Keep trying: If your campaign doesn’t show a significant number of leads. Openly ask your audience if there is something you can do to keep them engaged or buying your product.

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