Social Media Marketing

There are more than 4.3 billion users scrolling through beautiful images. How do you plan to connect with them?

Social Media marketing will lead the way to 2021; we can see a rise in tools for measuring data, consumer acquisition, sales, and lately, data privacy. Know your target audience to make the most out of your marketing dollars.

Generic information searches will likely become less common than location-based and buying-intent searches. Use balanced hashtag content on your posts targeting generic, location, and specific keywords.

The mobile layout will undoubtedly dominate in 2021. Make sure your website, emails, and newsletters templates have a responsive layout for a better mobile experience.

Use inspiring stories connecting your brand, products, and services to day-to-day situations, solve a problem, meet your client’s need. You have about 120 days until 2021, let’s get this marketing campaign going!


Instagram allows you to advertise promotions directly to followers using a beautiful picture and the power of hashtags. Whoever uses Instagram can share the same post on Facebook, which makes it easy for marketing and e-commerce.


Video creation is a growing trend for digital marketing. Video creation is about quality over quantity, prepare your videos and spend a good time editing them until you get the first 15 seconds for catching your audience.

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A platform ideal to build authority as a subject matter expert. LinkedIn is a platform to convey your message to other businesses and upload highly engaging posts and videos warming up the potential client toward your offer. 

Top trends for 2021

Video and Live Streaming

Tik Tok is likely here to stay despite rumors, pressure, and competition (Reels). Although the platform is a mess for some marketing firms, customers love the platform. Such growing engagement drives businesses to consider short video ads to maximize marketing dollars. Marketers need to weigh these social media trends when making decisions on brand impact in the short term rather than sales conversions. 

Live video content will continue to grow. Live videos receive 6x the engagement compared to pre-recorded. Posts that spark the greatest amount of discussion among users — especially when shared by those in their networks — are expected to rank better.

Search Intent

Something worth noticing is the search intent in 2020, especially during the lockdown, which shifted from Google search to user-generated content. Social media recommendations and referrals grew 25% overall, ranking second after Google, of course. However, for young female audiences (18 -30), social media platforms are the number one option on search patterns.

Social searches are evolving as a strong competitor to internet searches. They work differently—use generic, brand-related, and specific hashtags when posting. IG allows 30; I would recommend making a good blend between what the audience is searching for and what you want to convey. Use the first comment to include hashtags if you don’t want to compromise your copyright post. 


Influencer marketing shifts to small influencers, brands, and companies are looking to build relationships with authentic community influencers. Big companies are ditching powerful influencers and investing in 100 micro-influencers for a similar cost but with more significant results for loyalty, referrals, and engagement. Privacy policies and Ads policies are stricter now, and they will likely get even tighter for 2021. Social networks are under scrutiny from users and legislators alike. Data breaches and misinformation campaigns are a high priority for all social networks. In terms of marketing, companies and small businesses must balance monetization efforts and privacy.

Best tips for social media marketing

  • Be consistent: Use social media regularly, so your clients do not have to look somewhere else for the product/service.
  • Offer value: you need to offer a reason for them to click on the link. (masterclass, useful information, free download, etc.)
  • Keep trying: If your campaign doesn’t show a significant number of leads. Openly ask your audience if there is something you can do to keep them engaged or buying your product.

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